Amrita University’s AMMACHI Labs has conceptualised and developed the Vocational school on wheels (MoVE) to take education to remote areas. Industrial development is changing the landscape faster than communities can adapt to, thus adversely impacting lives on multiple dimensions. For these remote communities to survive and thrive, education, which is sustainable for livelihood is crucial. The mobile school services remote communities by teaching them skills to be self-reliant. 70% of India’s population resides in rural and tribal areas where lifestyles are intertwined with the land and the seasons.

A MoVE unit is a fully functioning classroom-on-wheels. The technology in the vehicle is powered by solar energy, thereby making it eco-friendly and sustainable and allowing vocational education for sustainable development in logistically and geographically diverse areas. MoVE uses minimal resources and has reduced dependence on local infrastructure. It has increased outreach, reduced operating cost, and helps in teaching at multiple locations.

Equipped with the latest computer and communication technology, the unit typically contains 20 computers, through which students are trained in vocational skills using the SAVE haptic technology applications. It employs Wi-Fi and a local and central database to monitor and assess student performance. Also, A-VIEW, an award-winning Amrita video-conferencing technology platform has been embedded into MoVE providing students instant access to experts in their field of study, for real-time, online interaction.


A mobile classroom has several advantages over a regular classroom such as reusable infrastructure, reduced operating costs and increase in outreach. The complete infrastructure required to conduct vocational training is contained within the MoVE unit.

The technologies used to deliver classes are intuitive and are designed to teach those even with rudimentary literacy. The mobile school currently services remote communities in support of the Empowerment of Women Project and has so far been instrumental in training over 800 beneficiaries in various vocational trades.

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Project Details
Assoc. Prof. Bhavani B
Co Pi: 
Kongeseri Sreeram
Start Date: 
Thursday, March 1, 2012


Funding Agency: 
Amrita University