In addition to Amrita's flagship hospital, the 1200-bed, super-speciality hospital AIMS at Kochi, Amrita has also established several smaller satellite hospitals in semi-urban and rural areas to serve the local populace at those places. Students from the health sciences campus in Kochi are often posted to these hospitals, and doctors and other medical staff go to serve there as well.

The hospitals are linked to the 24/7 telemedicine service of AIMS Hospital. The technology allows transmission of patient's medical records including images, besides providing live two-way audio and video link, which in case of an emergency; enable a general practitioner at the health center to connect with a specialist from AIMS, who can give specific advice on the course of the treatment to follow.

Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore Hospital
The first phase of a 50-bed general hospital has been completed, providing 20 beds. The hospital serves the needs of more than 100 poor villages in the area of Bogadi and has provision for a telemedicine link with AIMS.

Amritapuri, Kerala

Amritapuri HospitalThe hospital provides free medical care to the residents of eight coastal villages, as well as to the Amritapuri ashram's residents and visitors. The hospital is also home to several elderly permanent patients.

The hospital serves a total of 10,000 registered patients. Ashram doctors are assisted by visiting specialists and a telemedicine link with AIMS Hospital, where referrals are sent.

Kalpetta, Kerala

Kalpetta HospitalThe hospital provides free medical care for some of the poorest people in Kerala, many of whom are farm laborers living in very remote areas. Most patients belong to tribal communities whose villages have few amenities. As many as 200 people a day, visit the outpatient clinic. The hospital has a telemedicine link with AIMS Hospital, bringing state-of-the-art care to this poor region. AIMS doctors regularly make trips to visit the remotest tribal hamlets by jeep or on foot. They are not only concerned with the people's medical problems, but also with helping them attain a better quality of life.

Pampa, Kerala

Pampa HospitalThe hospital offers a 24-hour free medical service near Sabarimala, the popular hilltop pilgrimage site in South India. The 25-bed hospital provides free care for the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who visit the temple every year.

There are two fully-equipped ambulances, a 15-member medical team (including specialists in heart care), as well as a telemedicine link with AIMS.

Trivandrum, Kerala

Trivandrum Hospice
A dedicated team gives palliative care to terminally ill patients suffering from AIDS and cancer. An outpatient clinic, open daily, provides free medicines for the poor and helps people with HIV in particular.     Learn More »

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Trivandrum HospiceSince 1995, this hospice has been providing free care, medical services and spiritual solace to patients suffering from terminal cancer. Through its dispensary, the hospice also provides free medicine, rice and other food items to the poor. Books are also regularly distributed to impoverished children.
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Port Blair, Andaman

Andaman HospiceThe centre has full-time specialist services in cardiologist, pediatricians and general medicine. The centre is equipped with a fully computerized lab, digital X-ray, ECG, TMT Color Doppler and a telemedicine satellite link with super-specialty hospital, AIMS, in Cochin. The centre is also equipped with a 24-hour ambulance facility.    Learn More »




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