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This M.Tech programme gives a specialized focus on areas of technology, aiming to develop skills and career prospects. The master’s degree program offers an integrated course of study covering the theory, implementation and design of information, computing, communication and embedded systems.

This programme has specialized courses in the streams of Data Science, Computer Vision, IoT and High Performance Computing with significant focus on research. As a part of the programme during the period of study, students have the opportunity to intern at leading companies and R&D labs for a period of 6 months to one year. There are opportunities for the students to take up a semester or one year study at International Universities like Virje University, Netherlands, UC Davis, UNM for an exchange programme or to pursue a dual degree programme.

Graduates of this programme are well represented in Oracle, IBM, HP, Cerner, Intuit, and other major MNCs as well as in research in premier academic institutions in India and abroad. The graduates are competent to take up R&D positions in Industry, academia and research laboratories.

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