Physics is the basis of all the physical sciences and forms the backbone of applied sciences, engineering and technology. Physics, besides mathematics, is taught for all engineering students all over the world as a foundational subject. Physicists try to understand how the world around us works and aspire to become investigators and problem solvers from the subatomic scales of constituent of matter to the limits of the observable universe.

The Department of Physics at Amritapuri Campus has developed an intense curriculum in undergraduate and graduate education in physics. Students gain strong foundations in core physics topics such as Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Quantum Physics, Thermal and Statistical Physics, while developing skills in experimental techniques, mathematics, and electronics, and explore advanced topics of their interest. Through the Minor program in Scientific Computing, modelled after similar programs in premiere institutions abroad and supported by departments of mathematics and computer science, students benefit from additional significant training in scientific computing technologies, to meet increasing need for computational skills with physics background in teaching and research in physics and applied fields. In the fifth and final year of degree program, students get opportunity to do internships and carry out research project at premiere institutions and publish a paper, enriching their professional experience while contributing to expansion of human knowledge.

Well-equipped with the UG and PG physics laboratories, with value-added courses, training in life skills and placement support, our program helps build needed foundation for aspiring physicists and helps them prepare for competitive exams like GATE, UGC-NET, higher studies and a career in teaching and research in physics in schools, universities and government research organizations as well as in industries.

  • Highly qualified faculty from reputed institutions like IISc, IITs, and from Universities abroad
  • Early start of research facilitated by strong foundations in the first two years followed by an early introduction to advanced topics.
  • Minor Degree in Scientific Computing leads to additional training in computational skills with courses on Python Programing, Numerical Methods, Computational Physics, and electives including Data Structures & Algorithms, Machine Learning, Optimization Techniques.
  • Almost year-long internship, research project, and publication opportunities in premiere institutions like IISc, IITs, IISERs, or Research Organizations such as PRL, ISRO and DRDO
  • Life Skills training and campus placement support
  • GATE, CSIR/UGC-NET: Guidance for preparing qualifying exams
  • Higher Studies and Career options

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