The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) program in Chemistry is designed primarily for teachers, researchers and postgraduate students who intend to pursue higher studies in chemistry. This program in Chemistry is conducted on a credit based system for the duration of one year, which spans into two semesters.

The program consists of 4 theory papers in the first semester and a research based project work along with submission of dissertation in the second semester. A paper publication in a scopus indexed Journal is must.

The theory papers include three general papers:

  • Research methodology
  • Advanced Scientific Techniques in Chemical Analysis
  • Seminar, Field work and review writing
  • And one elective which may be related to the dissertation that the students wish to pursue.
  • Program Objectives
  • After studying the M.Phil. program, the students will be able to
  • Introduce the purpose and importance of research for future development.
  • Know the different types of literature search and indexes.
  • Understand the error analysis, correlation methods and computer application
  • Enrich the knowledge in various types of spectral techniques and scientific analysis.
  • Develop their skills for carrying out the project.
  • Make awareness in social and industrial relevant issues.
  • Present their findings in national and international seminars and conferences.
  • Program Outcome
  • After completing the M.Phil program the students will be able to
  • Pursue research program
  • Qualify as Chemist/Scientist in various industries and Research Institutions