Clinical Psychologists apply knowledge and methods from all substantive fields of bio psychosocial sciences for promotion and prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of mental and physical disorders/ problems where psychological factors play a major role. Clinical Psychologists play an important role for optimizing health care delivery system and there is an urgent need to train more number of professional clinical psychologists.

M. Phil. Clinical Psychology program provides a cohesive and meaningful training so that the trainees develop to their fullest potential and shall be able to discharge their responsibilities competently as clinicians, teachers/trainers, researchers and administrators in the field of mental health. The aim of this course is to prepare the trainee to function as a qualified professional Clinical Psychologist in the areas of mental and physical health by offering Diagnostic, Therapeutic, Rehabilitative, Administrative services, and to work towards promoting the well-being and quality-of-life of individuals. The course is developed as a rigorous two-year program with extensive theoretical inputs and widespread clinical experience to acquire the necessary skills in the area of Clinical Psychology.

Employment Opportunities

  • Government and Private Hospitals
  • Private Practice
  • Forensic and Military settings
  • Teaching and Research

Various Roles of Clinical Psychologists

  • Psycho diagnosticians
  • Adult Psychotherapists
  • Marital & Family therapists
  • Child clinical Psychologists
  • Clinical Health Psychologists
  • Clinical Neuropsychoologists
  • Psycho-oncologists

Department of Clinical Psychologists at AIMS has 5 full time core faculties working in different units such as Adult Clinical Psychology, Liaison Psychology, Child & Adolescent Guidance clinic, Neuropsychology and Psycho Oncology. The department has out patients and referral patients, totalling around 600-700 patient visits per month.