Instructions  for Online Entrance Exam

Candidates are requested to read very carefully! Please spend sufficient time to read all the below-mentioned details, to avoid any kind of loss, confusion or misunderstandings.


  • Considering the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, it has been decided to conduct MSc Nursing 2020 Entrance Examination through online mode (Computer Based Test).
  • This eliminates the difficulty which candidates would face in the current crisis situation while commuting from long distances to attend the entrance exam.
  • Now, candidates can attend the exam from the safe and secure environment of his/her home or anywhere, in a desktop/laptop (with a webcam) and an internet connection (details provided in the coming sections).
  • Hence, candidates are expected to have familiarity with the use of computers.
  • Exam rules are very strict and important so it must be considered with priority and any type of negligence is not acceptable.
  • Candidates should keep in mind that during the test, your conduct will be invigilated using Artificial Intelligence (Software) as well a Human Proctoring (Technical Staff). Candidates are requested to take the test honestly, ethically, and should follow all the instructions. If not, it will affect your credibility score and in turn your overall score.
  • For any query: please contact Amrita Admission Office at 0484-2858383/8373 from 9.00 am to 5.00pm or Email to .


Desktop/Laptop Configuration & Requirements to be Set Up

Candidates must ensure that the system which they will be using meets the following requirements for the smooth conduct of the Entrance Examination

Parameter Minimum requirements
Web browser Latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Chrome
Operating system Min Windows 7/8/10, Preferred latest Windows OS
Processor Min 2 cores
RAM Min 512 Mb, preferred 1-2 GB
Network bandwidth/Internet Minimum speed of 512 Kbps
Screen resolution 1024 x 768 and above
Microphone Any
Webcam Any
Network response Not more than 1000 ms
Network ports and protocols 443/tcp, 3478/tcp, 3478/udp

Other Specifications:

  1. Mandatory to use latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Edge or Chrome browser.
  2. Ad Blocker should be switched off.
  3. All applications that use camera, microphone and screensharing should be switched off during remote proctoring session.
  4. Popup Blocker should be turned off.
  5. Clear Browser Cache before start of the test.
  6. Pariksha site URL should be in your Trusted Sites.
  7. Webcam is mandatory.
  8. Do not use Mobile /TAB for the test taking purpose.

Candidates must ensure that the above requirements are kept ready well in advance and is working well for the smooth conduct of the online examination.

          Candidates can use the following link  to cross-check the compatibility of the system to run the exam. (All the equipment check should be green as shown below)

Please do NOT start the Test if your PC does not meet above requirements.

If your PC meets all these requirements, please click on the "Pariksha Test Player" below to launch test.

Basic Instructions

  • Candidate should be seated in front of the desktop or Laptop, facing the screen and webcam throughout the entire duration of the test. 
  • Candidate should be seated in a way that there is enough light to capture his/her face clearly. 
  • If you are using a laptop, it should be charged well in advance.
  • Candidates should be in formals or smart casuals while taking the test. 
  • No one else should be present in the surroundings other than the candidate during the test. 
  • You can have your water in a transparent bottle at the table before the start of the exam as you are not allowed to leave the test screen during the examination.
  • Keep a mobile phone with the registered phone number in close proximity for the authorities to contact whenever necessary. No other electronic device is permitted.
  • Candidate needs to fulfil all IT infrastructure requirements to undertake the test.

 Instructions to be Followed During the Test

  • Don’t navigate from the main screen. Candidates should not open any other application window during the test. It will be considered as a violation. 
  • Do not leave the seat in between the examination. It will be regarded as a violation. 
  • Candidate must keep in mind that their images and videos will be recorded and supervised in near real time by AI as well as a Human proctor. Therefore, it is strictly advised that the candidate does not leave the seat during the test. Such behaviour will be immediately recorded as a violation. 
  • No bio breaks are permitted during the test.
  • Candidate should not communicate with anyone during the test, or use any device like phones or tablets for anything.
  • Candidates should make sure that they are using the same laptop /desktop throughout the exam.
  • In case of power failure, there is no impact for the candidate who is giving the exam. Responses given by the candidate is stored and is intact up to the point of power failure. Accordingly, the time lost by the candidate during the power failure is reset and incremented accordingly so that the test for that particular candidate ends after the time lost after the scheduled time of closure of the test. Hence after the power is restored, the candidate shall be logging into the test with the same user name and password and he/she can start taking the test from the point where he/she had answered the last question.

A mock test will be conducted on 20th October 2020, Tuesday & 21st October 2020, Wednesday. Candidates are encouraged to take the mock exam on either of the days to familiarize the process.

Please find below the exam flaw screenshot

Settings to Enable or allow Web Cam & Microphone in latest version of browser.

Click on Pariksha Test Player

An email with login details for exam will be sent to all candidates.

Insert Login Credentials and select on “I Confirm my attendance by Logging In” & then click Sign In.

Select “I Confirm that details are correct” and Continue.

Select on “I Confirm that I have understood all the instructions” and then Start Exam.

After reading the rules select “I have read and agree to the terms” and then click on Next.

Click on Allow for Enabling the camera

Click on Allow for Enabling the Microphone.

Select “Your entire Screen” and then click on Share

After all equipment check, click on Select

After Capturing Photograph, click on Next

Once all requirement check done then candidate can see the test page.

Do not click on “Stop Sharing” else score will not get generated.

“Click on “hide” button to hide pop-up”

Last Question will have Submit button. After Confirmation Click on Yes

After Re-confirming of Submitting the test click on “Confirm”.