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The Amrita MSW is a two-year full-time residential program which requires high levels of concentration, long hours of work and sustained commitment from students. Its credit-based system allows tremendous flexibility in matters of course design, curricula, timeframe, teaching and learning methodologies, and evaluation procedures.

Specializations Offered

  • Community Development
  • Physical and Mental Health.[Medical & Psychiatric Social Work]


Semester I

Course Code Course Title
17SWK501 Foundations of Social Work Practice
17SWK502 Psychosocial Perspectives and Counselling
17SWK503 Society, Change and Development
17SWK504 Working with Individuals
17SWK505 Working with Groups
17SWK591 Concurrent Fieldwork I
17SWK592 Rural, Urban or Tribal Camp
15CUL501 Cultural Education

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title
17SWK511  Working with Communities
17SWK512 Introduction to Child Rights and Child Protection
17SWK513 Introduction to Disaster Management
17SWK514  Introduction to Physical and Mental Health
17SWK515  Social Work Research
17SWK596 Concurrent Fieldwork II & Winter Internship$
15AVP501 Amrita Values Program

Semester 3

Course Code Course Title
17SWK601 Social Legislation for Vulnerable Groups
17SWK602 Project Formulation and Management
17SWK603 Social Welfare Policy and Administration
  Elective Paper I
  Elective Paper II
17SWK691 Concurrent Fieldwork III/ Internship I & Summer Internship#
15SWK690 Live-in-Lab.@/ Open Elective*
17SWK698 Research Project - Part 1

Semester 4

Course Code Course Title
17SWK611 Corporate Social Responsibility
  Elective Paper III
  Elective Paper IV
17SWK696 Concurrent Fieldwork IV/ Internship II
17SWK697 Block Field Placement - June
17SWK699 Research Project - Part 2

List of elective courses based on specilaization ( Student can opt any one Specialization)


Course Code Course Title
17SWK631 Rural and Tribal Community Development
17SWK632 Urban Community Development and Good Governance
17SWK633 Climate Change and Sustainable Development
17SWK634 Technological Interventions for Community Development


Course Code Course Title
17SWK641 Social Work Practice in Mental Health
17SWK642 Community Care in Mental Health
17SWK643 Social Work Practice in Physical Health
17SWK644 Community Care in Physical Health

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