As we step into an era of Industrial revolution 5.0, Digital Transformation aims at building products that solve the challenges of society on various fronts by amalgamating human perceptions and AI concepts. AI for Accessibility intends to develop tools and technologies to meet the expectations on Demand in Real-time, Personalized, and Effortless forms for people from different purviews including those who are differently-abled. It spans from intelligent interaction with the environment, accessing semantic information in no time, and personalized assistants for the execution of activities. This not only bridges the gap amongst the available data and its accessibility to people but also enables a person to be more self-governing in various ways. In the upcoming AI Symposium, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Amritapuri campus proposes to host a series of thematic talks by world-class researchers and lightning talks on the theme ‘AI for Accessibility’

Dr. Gopakumar G.

Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, Amritapuri

Dr. Sandhya Harikumar

Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, Amritapuri

Theme Chairs

Dr. Gopakumar G.

Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, Amritapuri

Dr. Sandhya Harikumar

Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, Amritapuri

Thematic Talk

Topic: Calibrated & Believable AI: Making AI safe for
consumers and service providers
Dr. Subrata Rakshit

Associate Director (Technology) at Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR), DRDO

Topic: Computational Methods for Brain and Spinal Cord
MRI with Applications to Neurodegenerative Diseases
Dr. Pramod Pisharadi

Sr. Research Associate, University of Minnesota (UMN), USA

Topic: Neural Embeddings for Search and Retrieval
Using Multi-arm Bandits in the Music Domain
Dr. Manish Gupta

AI Scientist, Amazon, California USA

Topic: Data Analytics and Visualization for Social Impact
Prof. Suresh Lodha

 Professor, Jack Baskin School of Engineering, California, USA

Lightning Talk

Topic: AI for Social Inclusion
Dr. Prema Nedungadi

Chairperson, Department of Computer Science, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham


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