Dr. Manishankar S.

Assistant Professor, Vice Chairperson, CSE, Mysore

Autonomous vehicle (AV) or connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) is a vehicle capable of sensing its surroundings and moving safely with minimal or no human input. Developers of AV use vast amounts of data collected from different sensors like image,  video, Motion, Lidar  sensors and so on to build systems that can drive autonomously. In autonomous vehicles, therefore, it involves identification, reconstruction, estimation of movement, monitoring, understanding of scenes and end-to-end learning which is done using AI and ML algorithms. This theme helps participants in understanding the importance, challenges and opportunities in the field of Autonomous vehicles.

Theme Chairs

Dr. Manishankar S.

Assistant Professor, Vice Chairperson, CSE, Mysore

Thematic Talk

Topic: AI challenges for Autonomous Vehicles
Dr. Ajay Kumar G

 Post Doctoral Researcher, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST), South Korea

Topic: Autonomous Vehicles : Mobility as a service for Digital Inclusion
Mr. Biswajit Biswas

Chief Data Scientist in Tata Elxsi driving the Artificial Intelligence business

Topic: Reinforcement Learning for safe and Efficient Planning in
Autonomous Driving
Dr. Anirban Santara

Research Software Engineer, Google Research India

Topic: Role of Edge and Cloud ML in an Autonomous Vehicle
Dr. Dinesh R

Principal Engineer, Samsung Electro Mechanics, India

Lightning Talk

Topic: Intelligent information Systems with special reference to
Document Processing Systems
Dr. Shobha Rani N

 Associate Professor, Amrita University

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