Dr. Amudha J.

Associate Professor, CSE, Bangalore

The health and well-being of people at all ages is indeed one of the sustainable goals where we have committed to a global effort to eradicate disease, strengthen treatment and healthcare, and address new and emerging health issues. Protection from disease is not only fundamental to survival, but it enables opportunity for everyone and strengthens economic growth and prosperity. This can be achieved greatly through Artificial Intelligence driven diagnostics, personalised treatment, early identification of potential pandemics, and imaging diagnostics and many others. The major theme of the symposium Artificial Intelligence for health and well-being is a platform to bring innovations, research, cutting end-technologies, hands-on sessions to bring insight of advancement in healthcare technologies for the wellbeing of the society.

Theme Chairs

Dr. Amudha J.

Associate Professor, CSE, Bangalore

Thematic Talk

Topic: Automated detection of Vertebral Compression Fractures in
3D Computed Tomography Scans
Dr. Arcot Sowmya

Professor, UNSW Sydney, Australia

Dr. Kannappan Palaniappan

 Professor, University of Missouri, USA

Dr. Tiago H. Falk

Professor, INRS-EMT & Director, MuSAE Lab, University of Quebec, Canada

Lightning Talk

Topic: AI for health and well being
Dr. Amudha J

 Amrita University

Panel Discussion

Prof. Wiro Niessen

Professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Dr. Kumar Rajamani

 Senior Scientist, PHILIPS, India

Dr. Rajkumar ER

 IIT M, Chief Operating Officer & Principal Data Scientist. IIT Madras, India

Prof. Michael Friebe

HealthTEC Inventor/Disruptor/Entrepreneur & Professor, IDTM GmbH, Germany

Mr. Girish Haritz
Head Industrialization, Bosch, India

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