Dr. Kumar Rajamani

Senior Scientist, PHILIPS, India

Dr. Kumar Rajamani is currently mentoring the research team at Philips Research to build state of the art Deep Learning and Machine Learning algorithms for Fetal Ultrasound Analysis. Earlier as Manager at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, his team in New Business Technologies was exploring healthcare technologies for emerging markets. One of the initiatives he was involved is in building Fundus Image Analysis Platform and Deep Learning algorithms. He has successfully developed state of the art algorithm using Machine Learning approach for classifying Fundus Images and detecting Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma and Dry Eye. Prior to his assignment at Bosch, he was Research Engineer at GE Global Research, working on Oncology Quantification, (DCE-MRI), Medical Image Registration. He was briefly also associated with academic research. He was Chairperson and Head of Department of Information Technology at Amrtia Vishwa Vidyapeetam. Dr. Kumar started his professional career as Senior Scientist at Philips. He was with with Philips Research Asia – Bangalore for over an year. During his tenure at Philips Research, he was actively involved with a project requiring signal processing and pattern classification. He was instrumental in coming up with new patentable ideas. He has total of Ten Invention Disclosures (Patents) to his credit.

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Day 3
July 2, 2021
6:00 pm

Panel Discussion


Topic: Artificial Intelligence in health and wellbeing : Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges

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