What is Amrita Yoga?

Amrita Yoga offers a holistic approach to asana practice uniquely imbued with awareness and heart-centered intention. Designed to enable a deep journey within, it teaches the art of tuning to one's true being and connecting with one's own essence.

Intention for Practitioners

Amrita Yoga intends to inspire practitioners to let go of both the past and future in order to experience the present moment fully.

Amrita Yoga Vision

To provide comprehensive programs in yoga studies based on the teachings and techniques of Satguru Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, which offer a way to discover our true nature through a practical approach of focusing on the center—“Living from the Heart.”

The Mission of Amrita Yoga

To make Amma’s core teachings and techniques the foundation of our programs
To restore ancient spiritual principles at the root of Yoga and introduce a practical approach to their application in today's daily life
To offer programs that cultivate and support a holistic attitude (mano bhavana) with a focus on three aspects: skill development, practical living (practical vedanta) and enhanced awareness
To nourish the students’ physical strength, mental equanimity, and potentially limitless awareness, as well as to support them in accessing their hidden abilities

Amrita Yoga at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri

Amrita Yoga classes are offered regularly to students and staff at Amritapuri campus. An adapted version of the traditional ‘Surya Namaskarah’ is taught across Amrita University campuses. Amrita Yoga is a part of the education system and is offered as part of the curriculum. Surya Namaskarah is a simple sequence with twelve asanas and is practiced synchronizing the movements with rhythmic breathing.

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