Amrita Educational Institutions: The Temples of Learning

There is education for a living, and there is education for life. Along with the education needed to make a living, students should also be given education on how to live life. — Amma

Amrita educational institutions are shining illustrations of this ideal being put into practice. It comprises of a wide and diverse spectrum of educational institutions of the highest quality – from primary schools to post doctorate courses.

The college for higher education was launched in 1995. Growing in leaps and bounds since, it was accorded University status by the Government of India in 2003. Amrita University has attracted the partnership of the Indian Science Research Organisation (ISRO), the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre(BARC), the Defense Research Development Organisation(DRDO) and foremost Universities of the United States and Europe.

Amrita University is a multi-campus and multi-disciplinary academic and research university offering over a hundred different degree programs in its fifteen schools. In the academic year 2009 about thirteen thousand students are enrolled in its five campuses spread across three southern states of India – Kerala (Amritapuri and Kochi campuses), Tamil Nadu (Coimbatore campus) , and Karnataka (Bangalore and Mysore campuses). These campuses are connected by a satellite provided by the Indian Space Research Organisation, making it an interdisciplinary, fully interactive, multimedia capable, multi- campus virtual university – which is the first of its kind in the country.

The University launched the Indo-US Inter-University Collaborative Initiative in Higher Education in 2005 where it tied up with 25 leading Universities of the United States including Yale University, Harvard University, Princeton University, etc. This facilitates the leading faculty of these Universities in the world to directly interact with Amrita students via satellite.

In 2005 an agreement was reached where five leading American Universities joined Indian Institutions led by Amrita University, ISRO and the Department of Science and Technology to enhance science and engineering education in India over Edusat. The Government of India has also accepted a proposal by Amrita University and State University of New York, Buffalo in USA for a joint workshop in Cyber security.

Amrita University is an active participant in the European Union Educational Initiative funded by the European Commission. The consortium comprises 16 renowned educational institutions – 9 from Europe and 7 from Asia.

Amrita School of Engineering (Coimbatore, Amritapuri, Bangalore) – These schools blend advanced technological education with an Indian spiritual ethos — technological Gurukula’s. On the academic side, the All-India Council for Technical Education accredited and gave top rankings to the school in Coimbatore. India’s first high-performance supercomputer Param-1000 was installed in this campus. The CISCO Academy of the Bangalore school has received the “Best Local Academy” across the SAARC Region for the year 2007.

Amrita School of Business – ranked 17th among the top 50 private B-schools in India by Outlook India survey 2008. The Amrita School of Business harmoniously blends India’s traditional ethos with advancements in management. The culture and teachings of Sanatana Dharma, along with modern management practices, directed for the well-being of humankind and nature is emphasised.

Amrita School of Education – The future of the world is held in the hands of the teachers. With this truth in mind, an education programme for the teachers was started at Amrita Shikshana Mahavidyalaya in Mysore. The course aims at generating far-sighted, innovative, teachers with good personality traits and communication skills to take care of the future generation.

Amrita School of Biotehnology – The Department of Science & Technology, under its Mission Reach program, selected it at a national level as a “Centre of Relevance and Excellence” CORE in Biomedical Technology. The school has a strong research programme concentrating on preventive and therapeutic innovations.

Amrita School of Communications – Amrita University has become one of the first universities in India to launch a media course in keeping with the spirit of UNESCO’s Model Curriculum for its undergraduate degree programme. The facilities at the Amrita School of Media Studies are comparable to some of the finest institutions in the world in this genre.

Amrita School of Medicine – The Medical School has been ranked as the 8th among the best Professional Medical Colleges of India by the Outlook Survey 2008. The hospital features some of the most advanced medical facilities and techniques available in India today. These highly specialised institutes offer a variety of training programmes in national board certification, post-doctoral research programmes and collaborative studies with some of the finest medical institutions and universities throughout the world.

The Amrita School of Ayurveda – The hospital features state-of-the-art modern facilities.The hospital grounds include of medicinal gardens , and a well-equipped pharmacy for making Ayurvedic medicines. Its objective is to facilitate the growth and development of Ayurvedic education.

The Amrita School of Dentistry – provides top quality, affordable, comprehensive patient care while the students pursue an integrated educational experience that combines extensive clinical practice with rigorous course work in the biomedical, behavioral, and clinical sciences.

Amrita School of Nursing – The school was inaugurated in 2002. The Amrita School of Nursing is situated within the AIMS Healthcare campus in Kochi, Kerala.

Amrita School of Pharmacy – The School of pharmacy seeks to bridge the ever-widening gap between modern pharmaceuticals and traditional drug systems. It is situated in the AIMS Healthcare campus in Kochi, Kerala.

Amrita School of Arts & Sciences – located at the campuses in Amritapuri, Mysore, Kochi and Coimbatore.

Since Amrita Research Lab’s inception in 2000, it has been engaged in a multitude of R&D activities in the core areas of computing and communication. Apart from the collaboration with leading Universities, it also has more than fifty industry partners – the leaders in their respective fields. The researchers are currently working on about a hundred major projects. ARL’s research fields cover robotics, data security systems, telematics, vehicle tracking systems, wireless sensors (in collaboration with the European Union), biomedical technology, telemedicine, VLSI, computers.They have initiated joint research with BARC and the DRDO, have undertaken a broad range of research vital to India’s national interests. It is the first venture where BARC is entrusting research in this category to a private institute, which is an unique recognition for Amrita University.
In 2008, The Top500 group, the leading authourity in ranking supercomputer performance, has listed the Amrita’s supercomputer, Sudhamani 3.6 (developed at Coimbatore campus) as the one of the largest supercomputer clusters in the world.  Visit the research website

Medical Research
Amrita Institue of Medical Sciences (AIMS) has been awarded with research protocols by Government of India, Indian Council of Medical Research, and State Department of Science. AIMS is also a preferred destination for involving in multi centred international clinical studies. The Amrita Centre for Nanosciences (ACNS) is an independent Centre under the University with both research and academic components. It is the first Government of India established Centre for Nanotechnology in the Biomedical area. The Department of Biostatistics came into existence in 2005. AIMS has established a world class Institute of Molecular Medicine. It pursues basic and translational research of the highest quality in the fields of Molecular biology, Bioinformatics, Human genetics, Immunology, Hemopoesis and stem cells, Cancer research, Cell signaling and Neurosciences.

The Students at Amrita Univerity are encouraged to become members of national level technical professional bodies. Students are encouraged to attend conferences and present papers. In November 2008, a team of 9 third-year B Tech students from Amritapuri presented their papers at the IEEE Regional Student Conference on Research and Development in Malaysia. One of their papers won the best paper award in the conference. A student from the School of Business represented India at the European Market Research Conference. Students take part in international contests and the students have won top honors in these contests. In 2008, for example, the Amrita team beat 60,000 other teams to emerge runners-up in the IBM Great Mind Challenge competition. In the academic year 2008, university-wide there are over 200 registered PhD students. There are over 200 doctorates among the Amrita faculty, several with degrees from the West. Visit the research website