Central Library is the hub of the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapetham, Amritapuri Campus. It is a Learning Resource Centre and supports the teaching and learning activities of all the Students, Research Scholars, Faculty Members and all other staff members in this campus. The Central Library has carpet area of 1500 square meters.

The Library follows open access system. It has separate sections like spacious stack area, Circulation Counter, Information Desk, Digital Library, Periodical section, Reference section, Acquisition Section, Technical Section, WiFi enabled Reading halls for boys and girls. Collection development is one of the main roles to satisfy the need of the end users. Each year an average of 3500 selected books are added to the collection.  Likewise, important journals and on line data bases are also added to the collection.  Central Library has signed a MOU with Delnet, New Delhi.  The Library maintains its web page for up to date information to its users.

Collection Breakup

Total No. of Books 47693
Total No. of Reference Books 4079
Total No. of E- Books 364
Total No. of Online Journals 7500+
Total No. of Print Periodicals 160+
Total No. of CDs 2350
Total No. of Question papers bound volume 112
Total No. of Project Reports/Dissertations/Theses 150+
Total No. of Dailies 10

Library Automation

The Library uses Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Management System (AUMS) which is in-house software developed by Amrita Technologies to support all in-house operations of the Central Library. The AUMS consists of various modules on cataloguing, circulation, OPAC and other Library administrative functions.  All the Books are Bar-coded.

Organization of Collections

Universal Decimal Classification system is followed for arrangement of books. New arrival of books is displayed on the new arrivals rack for a period of one week to the user reference and awareness. Books Location guides are available in the stack area.

Reference Books

Reference section has good collection of reference books, such as Encyclopedias, Handbooks, Manuals, Dictionaries, Directories, Yearbooks, Competitive Examination Books etc., these collections are continuously updated and new editions are added. Subject based text book references are given more preference for the users. Previous year question papers are also available in bound volume for reference.

Digital Library

Digital Library supports the access of online databases.  High speed Internet connectivity is available. Number of CD collections are accessed by the users and allowed them for lending also. More than 5000+ online journals are subscribed by the Central Library and arranged for the access to whole campus through LAN.  Major online data bases are,

  • Science Direct, IEEE online, Springer
  • J-Gate, ASTM, ASME, Scopus
  • Mc-Graw Hill Engineering E-Books

In addition the Library has good collections of,

  • Delnet – Resources & NPTEL video lectures of IIT.

VIDYA Digital Library and DSpace

The Vidya Digital Library has a large collection of Electronic information in the mode of E-Books, E-newspapers, Video Lectures etc., on various major fields.  The collection storage is more than 4 terabytes. Special collections like Placement oriented soft skills, Wikipedia and Tutorials are also included. The Library maintains a good collection of Institutional repositories/Digital repositories through the Dspace software.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Signed with Delnet

Central Library has signed MOU with Developing Library Network (DELNET) New Delhi.

Central Library is a member of Delnet (Developing Library Network).  Through this membership all the users can access Delnet resources through Delnet web page.  Inter Library Loan for books and Document delivery services for journal articles are the major services of Delnet.  Our students, research scholars, faculty members are using this service.


This section has a selected collection of national and international journals and magazines.  The latest issues are displayed on periodical display rack.  Old issues are allowed for circulation. Numbers of back volumes are made available for reference. Documentation of article is also available. New arrivals are noticed through Current awareness service.

List of Periodicals


1Asian Journal of Electrical Science                                                    

2The IUP Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

3In Wind Chronicle

4International Journal of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

5ISST Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

6Journal on Electrical Engineering

7Journal of Resources energy and Development

8Mycorrhiza Newsletter

9TERI Information digest on energy & environment

10TERI Energy & Environment directory and year book *

11Electronic Devices                                                                                                                        

12IETE  Journal of Education

13IETE Journal of Research

14IETE Journal of Technical Review

15Indian Journal of Information Sources & Services

16The IUP Journal of Telecommunications  

17International Journal of Electronics, Electrical & Communication 

18International Journals of Wireless Communications & Networking 

19Journal on Wireless communication Networks

20Journal of Electronic Systems                                                       

21Journal on Communication Engineering & System

22Journal on Electronics Engineering

23Signals & Telecommunication Journal                                  

24Progress in Signals and Telecommunication

25Asian Journal of Computer Science & Technology                                                         

26Asian Journal of Information Science & Technology 

27The Journal of Multimedia Processing & Technologies                    

28Journal of Digital Information Management                               

29The IUP Journal of Computer Science


31Journal of  Information & System  Management                         

32Journal of Information Organization                             

33The IUP Journal of Information Technology

34International Journal of Advances VLSI Design  

35International Journal of Computer Science & Information Technology 

36International Journal of Information Studies

37International Journal of Computational Linguistics Research          

38International Journal of Web Application                     

39Journal of Information Security Research                            

40Journal of Information Technology  Review                          

41Journal of Data Processing                                   

42Progress in Computing Applications                               

43Progress in Machiness & Systems                         

44Information security education Journal

45Journal of Intelligent Computing                                      

46Journal on Embedded Systems

47Journal on Information Technology

48Journal on Software Engineering

49Journal on E Technology                                                    

50Journal on Networking Technology                             

51Journal of Vibration Engineering and Technologies                                             

52Transactions on Machines Design

53Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology

54Asian Review of Mechanical Engineering

55Sadhana :Academy Proceedings in Engineering Sciences                                                                          

56Bulletin of Materials Science                                    

57Indian Foundry Journal

58International Journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences & Applied Mathematics

59The IUP Journal of Mechanical Engineering

60International Journal of Fluid Mechanics  

61Manufacturing Technology Today

62International Journal of Advanced in Thermal Science & Engineering 

63Journal on Future Engineering & Technology

64Journal on mechanical Engineering

65Journal of the Institution of Engineers  - Series B

66Journal of the Institution of Engineers  - Series C

67Journal of the Institution of Engineers  - Series D

68Asian Journal of Science & Applied Technology                       

69Asian Review of  Social Sciences

70Bulletin of the Culcutta Mathematical Society

71Bulletin of Kerala Mathematical Association

72The IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship Development

73Current Science                                             

74Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

75Economic & Political Weekly

76Journal on English Language teaching

77The IUP Journal Of English Studies

78The IUP Journal of Supply Chain Management

79IIMB Management Review

80Indian Journal of Applied Research

81Indian Journal of Pure&Applied Mathematics

82Journal of AstroPhysics & Astronomy                   

83Journal of BioScience                                             

84Journal of chemical Science                                  

85Journal of Earth system Science                            

86Journal of Genetics                                                

87Journal of indian institute of Science

88Social Scientist

89Journal on Educational Psychology

90Journal of Educational Technology

91Journal on Mathematics

92Littcrit: An Indian Response to Literature

93Opsearch : Journal of the operational Research society of India

94Journal of Royal Asiatic Society

95Prajnan: Journal of Social and Management Science

96Pramana :Journal of Physics                                                       

97Proceedings Mathematical Science               

98RBI Bulletin

99Resonance  : Journal of Science Education                                             

100Journal of American Oriental society

101The IUP Journal of Management Research

102The IUP Journal of Soft Skills

103South Asia Economic Journal

104The Literary Criterion *

10Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham News

106Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution

107The IUP Journal of organizational behavior

108International Journal of applied philosophy

109World Digital Libraries                        

110Asian Journal of Managerial Science      

111The IUP Journal of Accounting Research & Audit practice

112Man and Development

113The IUP Journal of  Knowledge Management


115Indian Management                                                   

116Journal on Management                                                       

117The IUP Journal of Marketing Management

118the IUP Journal of International relations

119Indian Journal of Psychiatry

120International Journal of Rural Management

121Social Change

122Social Action

123Indian Journal of Social Work

124Contribution to Indian Sociology


1Electrical India

2Energy Manager

3Energy Future

4Electronics for You Plus


6PC Quest

7Down to Earth

8Education World


10Science Reporter

11Herald of Health

12Careers 360

13Competition Success Review                             


15Employment News


17INDIA Today                                                        


19National Geographic Magazine                                      


21Reader's digest                                      


23Tell Me Why?

24Terra Green                                                         

25The Week                                              



28Mathrubhumi Sports Masika                        

29Don Bosco

30The Vedanta Kesari


32Business India                                           

33Business Today                                        

34Executive Knowledge Line                                    

35Discover India


Online journals - 10280 

Major services

Our Library staff team is assisting the users in accessing the necessary resources and guide them to get the most of the information resources. The Library provide various services such as,

  • Online renewal/ online reservation service
  • CD – circulation service
  • OPAC service
  • High speed internet service
  • Vidya Digital Library service
  • NPTEL& DSpace online service
  • Delnet services ( ILL and DDS)
  • Print journals and documentation service
  • Newspaper Clippings service
  • Current awareness service
  • On line Data base services
  • New arrival service
  • E mail alert service
  • Book Circulation Service
  • Reprography service
  • WiFi access service in Reading Halls
  • Suggestion Box – update service
  • Reference Books overnight issue service
  • Library Web page service
  • Books tracing service through Email
  • User Education Service

Departmental Achievements

  • Library space extended and separate sections for stack area,refererence, digital library, periodicals, reading halls etc.,
  • Good number of books, journals and E-Resources have been added
  • New book stacks & Periodical stacks were added
  • New technical Section created
  • New reference  section created
  • New Digital library created
  • Barcode printer, Barcode scanners were added
  • Delnet  Institutional Member Ship. MoU signed with Delnet.
  • Organized Delnet workshop, Elsevier author workshop
  • Library orientation programme has been conducted for all the UG/ PG students and Faculty members
  • Organized to visit the International Book Fair at Trivandrum for the faculty members to select books for Central Library.
  • Reprography/Photocopy service started
  • Circulation eligibility has been increased for students and Faculty
  • Barcode entries for gate register

Organized  Workshops/Exhibitions

  • Central Library and DELNET have jointly organized a one day workshop “DELNET: Resources, Services and facilities” at Amritapuri Campus on 28.1.2012.  The workshop helps us to effectively use the Delnet facilities and also useful for the automating libraries by using Koha Software: An open- source Integrated Library Management System.
  • Central Library and Elsevier have jointly organized an author workshop WebEx on 11.09.2013 for the benefit of our students and faculty members.
  • Central Library Ettimadai/Amritapuri and Elsevier have organized a presentation on Elsevier publications through A-View on 23.01.2014 for the benefit of students and faculty members.
  • Organised a Book Exhibition 

Working Hours

Days Library working hours Circulation
Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Holidays 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Nil


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