Amritapuri campus has eleven academic computer labs which are maintained and operated by ICTS. Nine labs are reserved for specific  courses/departments and the rest two are for General Academic purpose. ICTS encourages faculty and staff members to check the software and hardware configuration details prior to making an extra lab reservation request.  Faculty and Staff members are encouraged to make the most of the Lab facilities from ICTS.

The regular lab schedules are available on the notice boards outside of the computer labs. Computer Centers’ at Ground and First floor of the University Building are available for reservations.

Computing center reservations can be scheduled for special trainings or workshops, on a first come, first serve basis but with the following priorities:

  • Courses scheduled by the Senior Management of the University/Schools
  • ICTS Trainings and Special Workshops
  • Courses scheduled as per the request of a faculty member
  • Request by a staff member for University employees
  • Request by a staff member for an outside group, organization, or group

For Questions, complaints and comments concerning lab reservation requests, please contact:

Lab Administrator,
Phone Ext : 6631/6635

Mail to:

Booking Lab for conducting lab exams

The request should comprise the following requisites to the lab admin via the mail id => ;

1)      Name of the lab                                                    :

2)      Name of the Software/technology with Version  :

3)      Total number of Computers required                    :

4)      Operating System preference (Windows XP or Ubuntu)   :

5)      Network access preference (blocked or unblocked)           :

6)      User account preference (individual account or special exam account) :

7)      Contact details of the requester (Phone number and email)                   :