Computing Center access is limited to the following:

•    All currently registered Amrita School of Engineering students
•    All currently registered Amrita School of Arts and Science students
•    All currently registered Amrita School of Biotechnology students

Authorized students gain access to the lab by producing the ID card at the staff desks of each computing center. On regular working days, students are required to wear the uniform without fail.

Please abide by the following regulations, which apply to all labs.

  • To verify your eligibility to use the computer lab you may be asked to show your Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University student I.D. card.
  • Food (including chewing gum) is not allowed. All kind of sealed/non-sealed beverages are also forbidden. Water bottles with a screw-top cap are permitted, but must remain closed.
  • Students may borrow equipment and manuals (Headphones), but must leave the ID card at the staff desk.
  • No equipment or manuals are allowed outside of the lab.
  • Headphones are to be used at all times when listening to music or sound on the computers.
  • When wearing headphones, please adjust the volume so that only you can hear the sound.
  • Academic work has precedence over the hobby computing. Game playing is strictly not allowed in the labs. Students who need to do academic work can log on.
  • Conversations are not allowed in the labs. Conversations should take place in the hallway.
  • Print jobs will be handled as quickly as possible. There are times when the print desk (especially around class times) may be too busy to provide immediate turn around.
  • Copying copyrighted software is not permitted.
  • Pick up any trash you create. Keep your work area clean and quiet.
  • Log off of the computer when you are finished.
  • Please push in your chair when you leave.
  • If there is an emergency, we ask that you save your work and move to another lab. If you are working in extra slot, please do not disturb the classes that are in session.
  • No additional software may be loaded onto the hard drives of any academic computer without first consulting ICTS.
  • You must check with the lab tech/consultant before attaching personal (non-ICTS-owned) hardware to a lab computer, such as headphones or usb/thumb/flash drives. Use of non-ICTS equipment with our computers is against the computing policy of the University and done at the users risk, and the user is responsible for any damage that may be caused by use of such non-standard equipment with our lab computers.
  • Computers and network ports are for the University use only. ICTS does not provide ports for personal computer access in the labs.
  • Files saved on the local drives, including the scratch disk, will be erased on a regular basis. Please make sure that you back up all of your work and data on your own external/secondary storage devices.

You will be asked to leave the lab for failing to comply with the above rules. Any individual causing a disturbance or failing to comply with the lab rules or with the Acceptable Use Policy will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Unattended Computers

  • To ensure the efficient use of lab resources, computers should not be left unattended for more than 5 minutes. Exceptions can be made for tasks such as rendering, which may require more time for completion. If you need to leave a computer unattended for an extended period of time, please ask an ICTS staff for help. You should return within 5 minutes of the expected completion time of the task.
  • Students should never place their own “Reserved” or “Do not Touch” signs on a computer.