• Each user has a space in the file server (Saktimayi). You can backup your files in your user space in Saktimayi file server. You are given a file store quota of 50MB.
  • Data stored in this space is backed up on a daily basis.
  • If you have accidentally deleted any file, you can contact the Lab Administrator and raise a request for data restore.
  • Only under exceptional circumstances can this quota be increased and verification of any such request will need to be granted from your school/Faculty subject head.

Steps to follow to access Saktimayi file Server:

Access SAKTIMAYI File Server - Windows

  • If your are logged in with your own id,
  • Start- My Computer, there you can see z: drive in your login name.
  • Open and save your files here or Use the software SSH Secure File Transfer Client.

Open SSH Secure File Transfer Client.

Click on Quick Connect

Give host name as Saktimayi.
Enter your user name.

Click on Connect Button (Do not change port Number. Default port is 22).

Give OK to the notification window

Enter your pass word

Access SAKTIMAYI File Server - Linux

Click on File

Select ‘Connect to server’

Change the TYPE to : Windows Share

Enter the Domain Name
Enter your User Name and Password in the respective fields and then Click on CONNECT