For Students

  1. Students without ID cards will not be permitted to the lab. Letter from the Advisor or HOD is required, in order to use the Lab facility.
  2. Any applications producing sounds should be muted. Use of headphone is recommended. Headphones can be collected from the Lab In-charge.
  3. For availing internet facility, the student can fill a form (Annexure II) and submit the same to ICTS Help-desk, for further action.
  4. Treat the equipment and furniture carefully
  5. Ensure that the cleanliness and serenity of the Lab is maintained.
  6. No Eatables or drinks allowed in the Lab.
  7. Student discipline to be maintained at all times.
  8. The Lab authorities reserve the right to oust a misbehaving student after appropriate warnings are issued.
  9. Each user is responsible for watching over his/her own personal items. The staff is not responsible for unattended items.
  10. Please assist the staff in maintaining the facility by leaving the computer station area clean, neat, and the chair pushed in.
  11. Lab users are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and courteous manner while in the computing lab and to maintain a noise level conducive to an academic atmosphere.
  12. Using campus equipment to make illegal copies of software is prohibited.
  13. Please contact the Lab Administrator to report/escalate any issues related to Misbehavior/Harassment within the lab
  14. Please leave your shoes and bags outside in the allocated place.
  15. Girl students who are hostellers, need to collect Stay-back Form from Lab Administrator and get the signatures from respective lab staff.