Internet facilities are provided throughout the campus with 200 Mbps of leased lines from different Service Providers (TATA Tele-Communications, VSNL, Reliance and BSNL). The data lines are duly protected by Firewalls for Internet Security. UTMs and firewalls are in place to assure multi-layered security solutions to provide an integrated set of security services in a single, easy-to-manage high-performance appliance that is capable of supporting a wide range of deployment scenarios. In addition, the security subscription services gives regular updates for antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and Webfiltering services to ensure that the security environment remains current and the corporate resources remain protected against the latest threats.

Students are given access to the Internet for academic purposes, in accordance with the university’s Internet Usage Policy.

Students can avail of internet facility on the lab computers subject to certain conditions:

  1. The purpose has to be academic. It could be related to quizzes, campus programs, projects or part of the syllabus.
  2. The student has to fill in a request form which is available in the Lab. Approvals are needed from the Depatment HOD or in his absence, it could be taken from the Principal or next in- charge. The completed form has to be submitted to ICTS Help-desk.
  3. The request should be submitted atleast one hour in advance.
  4. This facility can be used during normal working hours as well as in an extra-lab session.