SSL VPN tunnel can be established through web browsers / vpn client from a remote computer depending upon the client operating system. Allowed users can access VPN with their domain / vpn credentials by authenticating to the portal 

  • by using VPN-Client

VPN client application can be downloaded from the portal ( for Windows, MAC, iOS and Android and the client settings should configured as follows:

Connection Name: Any name for identifying the tunnel
Remote Gateway:
Customize port: 10443

  • by using Web browser

Step 1: Open your web browser, go to and the portal will ask for user credentials

Step 2: Enter your Amritavidya user credentials. First time users will get the following page

Step 3: You should download and install SSL VPN Client plugin from tunnel mode tab, once it gets downloaded, install the plugin by simply executing it.

Step 4: After the successful installation, you should restart the browser to get the changes in effect.

Step 5: Open the browser and go to the VPN link again; ““.

Step 6: Click on the connect button in tunnel mode tab to get connected in VPN.

Step 7: Minimize the connected page how long you required tunnel, access your applications and services through the connected virtual private link.