How to connect (from Windows 7 or older)

Step 1: Open the URL ‘’ OR ‘

Step 2: Authenticate with Amritavidya domain credentials

First time users will get the following web page.

Step 3: It can download and install the SSL VPN Client plug-in from the tunnel mode tab

Once it is downloaded, install the plug-in by simply executing it

Step 4: After the successful installation, it should restart the browser to get the changes in effect.

Step 5: Open the browser and go to the URL again’ OR ‘

Step 6: Click on the connect button in tunnel mode tab to get connected in VPN

How to connect (from Windows 8 or latest)

Step 1: Open Forti Client Application, Then Click Configure VPN.

Step 2: Configure New VPN Connection and apply it.

Step 3: Authenticate with Amritavidya domain credentials and then Connect