Password Related Queries Answered

  1. How do I, as a student change my Amritavidya Password?
    Change Amritavidya Password
  2. How can I recover my lost passwordor what do I do in case I forget the same?
    You may contact the Lab Administrator or Lab In-Charge and request for a password reset. They will be given a default onetime logon password and they have to set their own after logon.
    Students of Bio-Technology and School of Business can contact the ICTS Help-Desk at Phone Ext: 5500 for assistance.
    Alternatively, You may also walk-in to ICTS Office situated at A-103, First Floor, University Main Building for Password resetrequest. You mayhave to produce their identity card and login name for the same, as and when demanded.
  3. How do I, as a student save my files and access Saktimayi File Server?
    Save my Files and Access Saktimayi File Server
  4. How do I create a secure and strong password?
    Create a Secure and Strong Password