1. How can I Login to the Campus network?

    Every Student will be given a username and password. Students can use their ID number as the username. E.g. u4cse10010, p3mca13021

    In order to avoid security threats; first time users or password reset opted users will be given a onetime logon password and they should change the Password immediately after log on.

    Windows User Login Screen

    Linux User Login Screen

  2. How can I Change my Amritavidya Password?


    These instructions are for those who log into amritavidya from their workstation. If prompted to change your password as you log in, enter the new password in both boxes. Select OK.

    If you want or need to change your password and you have not been prompted, follow the instructions below.

    Press CTRL + ALT + DEL simultaneously


    Enter Old Password and New Password

    Confirm New Password and press OK


    Once you are logged into Linux, on the top right hand Corner, you would be able to see your username displayed.

    Click on the button next to it and select User account.

    Please Enter your Current Password

    Enter your new password. Reconfirm the new password and then click on CHANGE

  3. How can I recover my lost password or I forget the same?

    Students may contact the Software Lab Administrator or Lab In-Charge and request for a password reset. They will be given a default onetime logon password and they have to set their own after logon.

    Students of Bio-Technology and School of Business can contact the ICTS Help-Desk at Phone Ext: 6600 for assistance. Alternatively, Students who walk-in to ICTS office,A-103,University Main Building for Password reset request have to produce their identity card and login name for the same.

  4. Where do I save my data files?

    • Each user has a space in the file server (Saktimayi). You can backup your files in your user space in Saktimayi file server. You are given a file store quota of 50MB.
    • Data stored in this space is backed up on a daily basis.
    • If you have accidentally deleted any file, you can contact the Lab Administrator and raise a request for data restore.
    • Only under exceptional circumstances can this quota be increased and verification of any such request will need to be granted from your school/Faculty subject head.

    Steps to follow to access Saktimayi file Server:

    Access SAKTIMAYI File Server - Windows

    If your are logged in with your own id,
    Start- My Computer, there you can see z: drive in your login name.
    Open and save your files here or Use the software SSH Secure File Transfer Client.

    Open SSH Secure File Transfer Client.

    Click on Quick Connect

    Give host name as Saktimayi.
    Enter your user name.

    Click on Connect Button (Do not change port Number. Default port is 22).

    Give OK to the notification window

    Enter your pass word

    Access SAKTIMAYI File Server - Linux

    Click on File

    Select ‘Connect to server’

    Change the TYPE to : Windows Share

    Enter the Domain Name
    Enter your User Name and Password in the respective fields and then Click on CONNECT

  5. What is Single sign-on (SSO) and why do I need it

    Single Sign-On is a session/user authentication process that permits a user to enter one name and password in order to access multiple applications.
    With Single Sign On you can:
    • Login to any computer , any Operating System(Windows/Linux)
    • Use the Computer Resources(Internet, File Server, Wi-Fi)
    • Access Amrita mail: All PG Students are provided with Email accounts. For UG students, email account is provided on request.

  6. My Account is Blocked or Banned!

    You may have violated either the University Rules or Network policy or the Lab Rules. Please Contact the Lab Administrator or ICTS Help-desk

  7. Do I have access to Internet?

    Yes. Internet is accessible in the Central Library at a reasonable charge and digital library with free internet access for educational search. You can also register your personal Laptop with ICTS to get access to Wi-Fi connectivity.

    If internet access is required for Lab/Project purpose, please contact the Lab Administrator.

    Please refer to Internet Usage Policy and Laptop Usage Policy. Laptop Registration

  8. Whom shall I contact if I have an Issue?

    Students can now report any issues related to misbehavior or harassment in Lab to the Lab Administrator.

    If you have any Medical Condition that limits your movement to First Floor Lab, please contact the Lab Administrator to check for alternatives.

    To escalate any issues, Please contact:
            Mr. Anoop V.K,
            Manager, ICTS.
            A-103, First Floor, University Main Building
            Call at phone Ext: 6601

  9. What other Services can I avail as a Student?
    • If any special software is required for Lab, or academic purpose, please inform the same to the Lab Administrator.
    • If any Additional Hardware is required, like headphones or DVD drive for your Lab requirement, please contact the Lab In-charge or the Administrator. Your request will be reviewed according to the requirement for that hardware.
    • Students can take permission from the Lab In-charge and use USB Pen Drive to copy files from the staff system.
    • Students can also avail copies of software (GNU/freeware/open-source) by contacting the Lab In-charge or Administrator. Software copies are provided depending on the requirement and software availability.
    • Reprography facility is also provided and students can avail the services by paying a minimal charge.
    • Students are provided with printing facility near the First Floor Lab. You can contact the Lab In-Charge for assistance.

  10. Can I Book Extra Lab Session?

    Yes. Apart from the regular lab hours, students can use the Lab during extra-time or on non instructional days.

    Extra Lab Timings given below:
    Weekdays: 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm
    Saturdays: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

    To avail extra-lab, students must reserve the Lab computer one day in advance by means of a Lab Reservation Request Form. Those who want to do extra lab session need to take permission from Lab In-charge and enroll your details into the Lab Register.

    Please check with the respective Lab In-charge for Hardware and Software list to check if they meet your requirement. Any additional/special software required need to be mentioned on the Requisition form.

    Students are requested to be present in the Lab 10 minutes prior to your Lab Slot. Students need to produce their ID card and the Request form, counter signed by the Staff In-charge to the Lab Administrator or In-charge.

  11. Can I Re-Schedule my Lab session?

    Yes. You can re-schedule the Lab session, provided the same is communicated to the Lab In-charge 2 hours prior to the reserved time slot.

  12. Can I access the University Resources on my Personal Laptop?

    Yes. You can register your laptop with ICTS and get access to University’s Wi-Fi network, by paying the Laptop Registration fee via Accounts Department. The fee needs to be renewed every 6 months.

    Wireless connectivity is available in hostels as well.

    Refer to the Laptop Usage Policy