Accounts, Access & Others

  1. How do I, as a student log in to the Campus Network?

  2. How do I, as a student save my files and access Saktimayi File Server?

  3. What is Single sign-on (SSO) and why do I need it
    Single Sign-On is a session/user authentication process that permits a user to enter one name and password in order to access multiple applications.

    With Single Sign On you can:
    • Login to any computer , any Operating System(Windows/Linux)
    • Use the Computer Resources(Internet, File Server, Wi-Fi)
    • Access Amrita mail: All PG Students are provided with Email accounts. For UG students, email account is provided on request.
  4. My Account is Blocked or Banned!

    You may have violated either the University Rules or Network policy or the Lab Rules. Please Contact the Lab Administrator or ICTS Help-desk

  5. Do I have access to Internet?
    Yes.  Internet is accessible in the Central Library at a reasonable charge and digital library with free internet access for educational search. You can also register your personal Laptop with ICTS to get access to Wi-Fi connectivity.
    If internet access is required for Lab/Project purpose, please contact the Lab Administrator.

    Please refer to Internet Usage Policy and Laptop Usage Policy.
  6. Can I access the University Resources on my Personal Laptop?
    ⇒ Yes. You can by registering your laptop with ICTS and getting access to University’s Wi-Fi network, by paying the Laptop Registration fee viaAccounts Department.  The fee needs to be renewed every 6 months.
    Wireless connectivity is available in hostels as well.