1. What is the process for Registration of my personal laptop on Amrita Wi-Fi?
For Staff, the process is as follows:

  • Login at TISS using your amritavidya credentials.
  • Register your details at Information Gathering page, if not done already.
  • Add your device.
  • Your Department Head needs to approve the request.
  • The request goes to Pending Registration at ICTS.
  • Within three days, Wi-Fi registration will be complete.
  • User needs to confirm Wi-Fi activation, else it will be deemed as active.

2. How do I get Wi-Fi on my personal mobile device?
Staff is allowed to have Wi-Fi on their mobile device. The approval of respective HOD needs to be taken. The rest of the process is as follows :

  • Login at TISS using your amritavidya credentials.
  • Register your details at Information Gathering page, if not done already.
  • Add your mobile device.
  • Once Approval of HOD is received the registration can be done within three days.
  • User needs to confirm Wi-Fi activation, else it will be deemed as active.

3. What is the fees that I need to pay for Wi-fi Registration?
The current amount of fees that you as a student, needs to pay is Rs.400/- in advance for each semester. This is subject to revision at any time. You need to confirm with the relevant official in Accounts Department before making any such payment.

4. What is the duration for my laptop/device to get registered on the Wi-Fi network?
Registration will take place in three days, once all the formalities and the verification are completed, and all documents are in place.

5. Which Group Account do I fall in and what are my rights and privileges w.r.t Wi-Fi?
You will be categorized broadly as, staff or students. The privileges associated with each group are predetermined as per the usage requirements of each group.

Staff can have their mobile devices as well as laptops registered under Wi-Fi.

6. Do I have 24-hour access to WiFi services and what areas are covered under Wi-Fi?
Yes, you have 24-hour access to Wi-Fi.  The areas covered currently are the University Main building, School of Biotechnology, School ofBusiness, Research buildings(nearly 80% coverage on-campus) and Hostels (60% coverage). This will be further extended in the near future to provide more coverage.

7. What is the bandwidth available to me?
For staff the bandwidth allocation is maximum 20 Mbps.

8. My network is slow during certain times? Why is that?
This can be mostly due to peak hour traffic. If this is a persistent problem, you need to report the problem to ICTS Help-desk.

9. I am not getting Skype / Chat on my system?
Skype/ Chat is not normally provided to the users. These come under the Amrita Firewall. However, depending on the nature of requirement, we can provide access to certain users, subject to approvals.

10. Where can I find information about connecting to the campus network?
Please refer Internet Usage Policy for all relevant details.

11. How do I connect my deviceto Amrita WiFiusing various Operating Systems?
The step-by-step procedure for connecting using every OS is provided as a Help document, made available to you, when you login at TISS.

12. How do I turn off my wireless connection?
The feature may slightly vary depending on the device model. However, as a general rule you could right-click on the icon and disconnect from Wi-Fi.

13. Can I invite someone to create a Guest Account? What are the conditions?
Guests visiting Amrita campus can get Guest Wi-Fi access subject to appropriate approvals only.

14. Can I sign up more than one laptop or WiFi-enabled device at the same time?
Staff can however register multiple devices, depending on the level.

15. What are the hardware requirements to use Wireless?   
You'll need the following:

  • Laptop, notebook, or any other Wi-Fi-enabled device

16. Do I need a username and password to login to the Wireless Network?   
Yes, you can access Wireless Network using your Amrita Vidya credentials. 

17. Do I need to register every semester?   
For staff the validity is for 1 year.

18. What are the terms and conditions laid down for using Amrita Wi-Fi?   
Click this link for detailed information about Amrita-Connect Usage Policy.

19. What is the SSID and Security?   
Security: N02.1x radius authentication

20. Do I need to log off when I am finished? 
No, the new WiFi system does not require you to logout.

21. What if I have some technical queries, require any assistance and/or need access to trouble-shooting services?   
Technical information is available for students on their portal. Whenever you log in on TISS you will find appropriate Help & Guidelines. For any additional guidance, youmay contact ICTS Help-desk office at A-103, 1st floor, Amrita School of Engineering.

The ICTS Help-desk can be reached by phone at Extn: 5500, or if you are calling off-campus at 0476 280 5500. Email at icts.helpdesk@am.amrita.edu