The Network Administration Team of ICTS through its Network Operation Center(NOC)provides, manages and controls the entire network infrastructure operating within Amritapuri Campus.

Communication and instant access to resources, peers and educators has become imperative in today’s world and is the need of the hour for students and researchers alike. We are therefore focussing our energies to ensure that we are able to provide better connectivity, wider reach and faster solutions to our student and staff community.

In this endeavour we have been acquiring technology and developing techniques in a steady and regulated pace and today we have a huge number of wired and wireless interconnections working simultaneously over a 7.5 lakhs square feet area, all with well-defined security measures.

We wish to make it easy for our students and staff to access network resources and be able to stay connected using their own devices or the institution desktops and laptops. We have therefore grouped our network services so that you have the required information at your finger-tips.

To know more about what we provide in terms of Networks and Connectivity, please click on the service as required: