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We provide high-bandwidth, highly available local area connectivity with 10 GbE backbone and better switching backplane.

The Campus-wide proprietary LAN interconnects Networks of Students, Staff, Research, Administration and Management, spread over a wide geographical area spanning a 2 km radius. We are interconnecting administrative buildings, residence buildings, academic halls, libraries, computing centers, staff rooms, research buildings and other associated buildings under different schools.

It accommodates 7500 + devices spread over more than 65 different networks. Core switches sit at the heart of campus networks at NOC in High Availability mode and are responsible for high-speed routing and switching. Core switching environment provides features such as being able to support software-defined networking (SDN) "as critical" to meeting any future research needs.

The Network Administration Team maintains the Local Area Network with proper benchmarking, 24/7 monitoring, administering security and troubleshooting problems.

In order to provide more comprehensive security on a network, we have taken over the important concept of security in the last step and defined Layer 2 devices in a secured manner; to know more about this, go to Switching and Layer 2 Security. 

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