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(Monday to Saturday: 8.15am -6.00pm)

We provide centrally managed WiFi facility at campus and residential premises (hostels), currently broadcasting three wireless SSIDs:

  1. ‘AMRITA-Connect’ (for the staff &students of Amritapuri Campus),
  2. ‘AMRITA-Guest’ (for visitors and guests of Amritapuri Campus) and
  3. ‘AMRITA- LAN’ (Campus open wireless network also used for wireless client registration).

We provide and manage multiple different networks behind the SSID ‘AMRITA-Connect’ for students, staff and research communities; thus all end users connect to their respective network with their authentication and authorisation.

Around 4000 wireless clients are registered in the network and avail the facility in a coverage spread over 7.5 lakhs square feet of total area, powered by 200+ dual band (2.4GHz & 5GHz) advanced access points.

Wireless security is very important since the network is open in the air and does not end at our closed walls. To know more about implemented security model go to Wireless security.

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