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Contact  0476-2805500
(Monday to Saturday: 8.15am -6.00pm)

We broadcast three wireless SSIDs:

  1. AMRITA-Connect
    This Network is defined for providing wireless access to the staff, student and research communities. Providing multiple different networks behind the SSID; the end users are authenticating with their domain accounts for entering to the network and they are redirecting to the respective allotted network against their successful authentication and authorisation.
  2. AMRITA-Guest
    This Network is meant for visitors and guests of Amritapuri Campus and the access permission is providing with the recommendation of department heads and other authorities.

  3. WiFi-Registration
    A simple registration process is mandatory to get access to the campus wireless network. For registering wireless gadgets, users has to logon to the registration portal which is open in the network ‘WiFi-Registration’.