ICTS Print Portal is an endeavour to streamline and bring about an efficient and effective system of catering to the printing job requirements of the staff.

Who can use it?

Every staff at Engineering Building who has an amrita id can use the portal for their official purposes only.

How does the system work?

The employee has to log in on to the portal using his or her id and password, and attach the file that needs to be printed. The print jobs will be carried out at one of the Reprographic centers post which the print-outs will be handed over to the employee concerned by our designated staff.

Terms and Conditions of Usage

  • Relating to the documents for printing
    1. Proper formatting:
      The person generating the print request is totally responsible for the proper formatting and the print-readiness of the document. The staff at Reprography center will only carry out the job of printing the document. The file types supported by the printer are jpg, jpeg, doc, xls or pdf. The font styles used in the document have to be the basic ones.
    2. Error in Document:
      In case of any errors in the body of the document, the staff at Reprography center cannot be held responsible. It is the onus of the requestor to ensure the correctness of the document sent for printing.
  • Relating to the order of handling print jobs
    1. Queue based System:
      All print jobs will be carried out on a first come first serve basis. It is to be noted that the queue will also consist of those who come personally to the Reprographic center for print jobs. The status of the respective print jobs are displayed on the portal itself.
    2. Print-jobs will be allocated to the printers at various Reprographic centers depending on the work-load and availability at the time.
    3. Delivery of completed jobs:
      The print-outs will be delivered to the desk of the requestor by our designated staff. A call shall be made to the requestor once the print-job is ready and only if the person is available on his or her seat, shall the print-outs be delivered. In case of the requestor not being on his or her seat, the print-outs will be on hold with the Reprography Center, until called for. It is to be noted that the delivery time will depend on the work-load at the time.

Personal Print Jobs

For all personal print jobs the request has to be made in person at the Reprographic Center. The fee is as mentioned in the portal.


The service will be available during the working hours of the Reprographic Centers.