A simple registration process is mandatory to get access to the campus wireless network. For registering a wireless gadget it should be registered in the portal https://tiss.amrita.ac.in

A step by step registration process needs to be followed:

Step 1: Connect the wireless gadget to the open SSID: ‘WiFi-Registration’ and access the URL: https://tiss.amrita.ac.in

Step 2:  Logon to the registration portal with your Amritavidya credential.

Step 3:  Create / update your profile if it does not exist / not updated and re-logon to the portal again.

Step 4: Submit your device information as requested in the portal.

Step 5: Students has to present their receipts at ICTS helpdesk for verification process if it is mentioned during the registration. Within one working day after getting proper recommendation from respective authorities if required, your device will be registered in the network.

Step 6: A ‘how to connect help doc’ will be available in your login in the portal after completing the registration process.