Attackers scan computers accessible to the Internet approximately one million times/day in order to break into them. As an open research and education organization connected to the Internet, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham's network is accessible to almost anyone, including attackers.

If your computer is not properly secured or has weak passwords, attackers can:

  • Delete, change, and/or steal your data
  • Install spyware to monitor your keypresses, emails, IMs, or anything else (sometimes even microphone and camera)
  • Use your computer as part of a 'botnet' to recruit other compromised computers and perform mischief like sending spam or attacking other computers (making you look like the attacker)
  • Steal enough information to impersonate you for fun or profit (i.e., identity theft)
  • The front line defenses include:
  • Strong passwords
  • Proper security configuration(s) on your computer
  • All security updates for your computer