We are maintaining almost servers in the Data Centre. This includes virtualized and physical ones. We have dedicated storage servers from Dell, HP and IBM in our data centre. HP HSV300,HP MSA2000,Dell MD 1000, Dell MD 3000,MD 3000i are some of them. For virtualization we use VMware virtualisation technology. More than 40 servers are virtualised. The servers include Linux machines as well as Windows Machines.

Other accounts are created as per requests. These include:

  • Database Server account
    Database accounts are provided for staff members in MySql and Oracle servers on request. Staff members can contact ICTS help desk or they can send a request mail to the account icts.helpdesk@amritapuri.amrita.edu specifying their preferred user name and password for their account.
  • Application server account
    ICTS possess a couple of application servers dedicated to running certain software applications. They facilitate the running of other applications like AUMS (Amrita University Management System), Course Management System and special purpose software etc. These servers will handle most, if not all of the business logic and data access of the applications which are also having a complementary client side. This is perceived as beneficial from a number of standpoints, chiefly the benefits of centralization of our computing resources.

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