ICTS provides each member of Amrita University with a username and associated password which authenticates them for use of IT facilities,e.g.their own desktop/ laptop, email, internet access PC clusters in Departments and in the library,College Business Systems e.g. AUMS, and restricted areas of the College or Departmental webservice.

A Single Sign-On (SSO) environment is available in order to streamline the authentication process. Users are able to access AU resources by only having to authenticate once.

Managing Your password

  • must not contain any spaces
  • should not use obvious words or dates such as your family’s names, birth dates, or ages
  • should be longer than six characters. 
  • should include a mixture of upper and lower case letters and numerals
  • could include punctuation marks, such as: ()~!?<>*^_ 
  • must be changed immediately after first use and whenever prompted (every 90 days) so that you don’t get locked out
  • must be kept secret - do not divulge it to anyone else - not even to an IT consultant.

Your network account

In order to access the Internet or the AU network and any of the ICT services available at AU - you will need a network account, consisting of a username and a password.  

Staff accounts

Only after all the necessary administrative forms have been completed, and the data has been processed in HR database, is an instruction sent to ICTS to create an account. The temporary, default password is assigned to your account which should be immediately changed after first use.  Staff login account naming convention is usually firstname+lastname, e.g. Raj Menon will be RajMenon.

Student accounts

As soon as your application to study has been processed, you will be given a Student ID number which will be your login ID.  Your default password must be changed immediately as it expires soon after first use. 

Third Parties or visitors

Departments are responsible for creating Third Party accounts for all visiting lecturers or short-term contract staff.  Heads of Departments must nominate visitors along with the type of access to which she/he is entitled.  The request should be sent to ICTS to provision the required access. 

Accounts and Password Management policy