ICTS provides a centrally managed, secure, file space for storing datafiles. ICTS also provides home directories to staff, shared Departmental and workgroup space and cheaper central storage for Departmental and research group use.

Servers that will be backed up include file servers, mail servers, web servers, application servers and database servers.

We have a total storage capacity of 54 TB, taking into account the sum total of space on all our Storage servers.

Our Backup Storages are done on Tape drive Auto loader. 34.5 TB is used for three months. Once in three months, full data backupis conducted. Differential backup is conducted on daily basis.

We have dedicated 16 TB NAS Storage for Visual Imaging Services (Video Sharing Purpose).

Home directory file space

Data is held on the Storage Area Network (SAN) which provides highly resilient storage using RAID volume protection, hardware redundancy and multiple data access paths. Data is split and mirrored between storage devices to allow for fast recovery from potential failures. In addition, data is protected by regular backup to removable media, which provides a means of disaster recovery and enables files to be restored should they be accidentally deleted.

Files held on the SAN can be accessed from machines running the Windows, Linux or MacOS operating systems.

We provide 500 MB file space for each staff, whereas each student is allocated a 50 MB space. This is out of a total pool of 2.8 TB.

Central File Services

ICTS provides central file space for each staff and student. An additional storage space will be provided on request on the approval of the Departmental Head.

We also possess a Software Repository and Vidya Digital Library for the access of students. Common Windows File sharing is an important feature used by staff and students to share data and information.

Backup Services

ICTS will provide a data backup service for Central file services on the SAN to all Staff and students. It can also provide a data backup service for Research file servers on request.

The full Backup size for Critical servers is 6.75 TB. We conduct Daily Backup Services which are run every night, 100-500 GB is utilized daily depending upon the data modification. All such data will be stored safely in Tape Drives for up to 3 Months

Restore Services

ICTS will restore lost or deleted files on request. Such requests will normally be dealt with by next working day. Please note that the files created and deleted between the nightly backups, cannot be restored.

We can however restore the files if the requirements are specific such as a particular date or time, or in a certain time intervals.

Departmental File Services

ICTS provides Departments and research groups the facility to run separate file servers and allows these files to be accessed from their respective desktop machines.

Some research groups require large amounts of file space which may not be practical to provide centrally. Protection of this data may vary from Department to Department. This is where we step in and take care of your file space requirement and also protect your data.