Amrita University (AU) provides electronic communications systems to facilitate AU’s needs and interests to all staff and post graduate students. These systems include Email, Calendar Services, People Search and access to the Internet. Zimbra Mail platform is used to provide the email services and in-house built Total Information Management System (TISS) is used to provide People Search services.

All staff members and PG students ofAUis given amail box and there are default limits (quotas) which are reviewed annually.

SPAM and Anti-Virus

Incoming Email is automatically checked for SPAM and automatically removed from the users mail box. A summary of removed messages is made available, sousers can recover individual emails if required. Email messages and attachments are scanned forviruses, and where possible viruses arer emoved otherwise the messages or attachments are quarantined.

Global Address List

The Global Address Book generated from the Active Directory provides a directory of all email users to those using the Zimbra web client.

Email backup and Recovery

Retrieval of an individual mailbox or emails can be carried out by sending a request to Help Desk.

Faculty and Staff

Email services are available for faculty and staff to conduct and communicate AU business. Incidental personal use of email is allowed with the understanding that the primary use be job-related, and that occasional use does not adversely impact work responsibilities or the performance of the network.

Email services are provided while a user is employed by AU and once a user's electronic services are terminated, employees will no longer be able to access the contents of their mailboxes.


Email services are available for PG students to support learning and for communication by and between the University and themselves. The services are provided while a student is enrolled in the University and once a student's electronic services are terminated, students will no longer be able to access the contents of their mailboxes.

Alumni and Others

Visiting guests/professors of AU, such as alumni or official visitors, who are neither employed nor enrolled at AU, are granted limited email privileges, including an email address, commensurate with the nature of their special relationship. These privileges are set for a specific time as requested by the HOD.