ICTS has a strong team of technicians and engineers who are dedicated to solving technical queries and providing technical assistance and service to the campus as a whole. ICTS Helpdesk allocates tickets generated based on user requests for service and complaints to various teams depending on the nature of the query and complaint. The bulk of the operations and services related to system complaints and day-to-day issues are handles by the Technical Support team.

They operate on strict time-lines and usually deliver within the stipulated time. They are spread geographically across the various colleges in the campus and provide their services for almost 10 hours daily. The work is allocated priority based on the nature and urgency of the request.

In order to view the gamut of services undertaken by The Technical Support or L1 Team, please click Technical Support Services.

Audio Support Services

This is a specialised team under the Technical Services Team. This team concentrates on proving Audio related services to the campus. Audio related services are required by the campus on a general basis, by providing facilities for classrooms and as teaching aids. For the conduct of specific events, such as cultural or educational functions and programmes, Audio equipment and technical support during the event are provided on a first-come-first serve basis. We set up sound systems for campus events. We also do projector and TV arrangements for indoor and outdoor events.The requests are to be placed well in advance. And this can be done by contacting the <Help-desk>.

  1. Audio Services & Equipment We Lend
  • Amplifier
  • Audio Mixer
  • Audio Equalizer
  • Audio Splitter
  • Classroom Talky
  • Stereo System
  • Microphone
  • Speaker management Systems

Gadgets & Hardware Support

  • Video Conferencing Equipments
  • Wireless Presentation Gateway
  • Media Streaming Device