ICTS has its own specialized crew providing Visual Imaging Solutions& Services to many of the institution’s requirement of Imaging (Still Photography), Videos & Designing.

Going to the details, our seven member team, caters to the following:

  1. Imaging (Still Photography)
    All kinds of still photography covering functions and events that the institution hosts during each academic year. Our team undertakes photography assignments for daily purposes such as College ID cards for students and also creative photography for institution websites, advertisements, brochures and other related purposes. Besidesspecific requests of various departments to cover their departmental events or functions are taken care of.
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  2. Videography
    The team has expert videographers who undertake assignments which range from basic video coverage and recording of events/functions that take place in the institution to conceptualizing and creating videos which have a theme or departmental videos which are used to spread awareness, increase publicity and goodwill within the institution as well as with outsiders.
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  3. Document Designing
    Key expertise in Visual designing and producing of brochures, magazines, posters and other print materials for institution departments and colleges, targeting internal or external audiences.
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