STEP 1: Connect to the SSID: WiFi-Registration

STEP 2: You will be automatically redirected to the TISS registration portal as seen below. You can also alternatively type the following URL

STEP 3: Log on to the registration portal with your Amritavidya credentials.

STEP 4: Create your profile by entering your correct personal details as requested by the Portal. After successful registration of your profile, you will require to re-login.

STEP 5: Submit your device information as requested in the portal.

STEP 6: Enter your Fees Receipt details.

STEP 7: Finally you will need to submit your Fees Receipt and show your ID card at ICTS office (Room No. A-103), for verification and further processing.

STEP 8: Within three days your device will be registered in the new network "AMRITA-Connect"

STEP 9: Wi-Fi will be available to you via the SSID "AMRITA-Connect". Login with your Amritavidya credentials. A Wi-Fi Help and FAQ document will be available in your dashboard, after you login.