How do I register my device to Campus Wifi Service

STEP 1: Connect to the SSID: WiFi-Registration

STEP 2: You will be automatically redirected to the TISS registration portal as seen below. You can also alternatively click this URL

STEP 3: Log on to the registration portal with your Amritavidya credentials.

STEP 4: Create your profile by entering your correct personal details as requested by the Portal. After successful registration of your profile, you will require to re-login.

STEP 5: Submit your device information as requested in the portal.

STEP 6: Show your ID card at ICTS office (Room No. A-103), for verification and further processing.

STEP 7: Within three days your device will be registered in the new network "AMRITA-Connect".

STEP 8: Wi-Fi will be available to you via the SSID "AMRITA-Connect". Login with your Amritavidya credentials. A Wi-Fi Help and FAQ document will be available in your dashboard, after you login.

You can contact the ICTS Customer Relations Desk for any further clarifications or related service that you may need. You can email us at or call at 0476-2805500.