The uniqueness of the MBA-MS dual degree program at Amrita is many fold apart from the few obvious ones. The MS courses mainly deal with strategy, development and analytics which is a must-have for any manager in today’s competitive world. Thus the MBA and the MS program go hand in hand...
Ms. Vidyalakshmi Nair School of Business


Amrita is a temple of knowledge and values, led by very dedicated and highly qualified team of faculty and mentors. We are extremely lucky in having them as our gurus...
Mr. Ashuthosh Rajan School of Arts and Sciences


I was indeed blessed to study MSW at Amrita. The ambiance is very conductive for learning. The infrastructure (especially the library) will help the budding social workers. The support I got from my Professors made me to experiment many things.The lectures rendered by visiting faculty expanded my knowledge horizon...
Mr. Madhusudhanan Department of Social Work


Past two years of experience in Amrita School of Arts and Science mould myself as a best individual. The exposure i gained from ASAS was immense. This atmosphere makes me more creative and professional. The facility and faculties of ASAS in the best aprat from others. I am glad to start my career with company like Cognizant and I am so greatful to all my faculty...
Mr. Jishnu C. Krishnan School of Arts and Sciences


As an Amritian, I am very proud to say that our college is one of the best in Kerala that provides quality education. The college gave us all the facilities to nurture our knowledge, with advanced syllabus, dedicated faculty, library, full-time lab facility, etc. The extra-mural lecture series ‘Vidyamritam’ helped us a lot to get updated in the IT industry. Soft-Skills and Aptitude classes guided us to our career achievements. Adding to it, the serene and the disciplined atmosphere helped us to develop our personality, so that we all are considerate about others also. According to Amma, education is of two types - Education for life and Education for living. We are actually very fortunate to have both of these. The values and rituals of culture we imbibed from this atmosphere will help us to live a quality life also. I joined in Tally Solutions through our Campus Placement...
Ms. Durga S. School of Arts and Sciences


Khublei iaphi baroh (Greetings in Khosi). At Amrita, nature comes first, safe environment, quality education and opportunity to grow high...
Ms. Elphidha Department of Social Work


First and foremost, I would like to thank God for his never-ending grace, Next, I would like to thank my brilliant and truly outstanding institution. For those who have touched my life in any way since I started studying in this institution and I am truly grateful for all you have done...
Mr. Balagopal S. Sahadev School of Arts and Sciences


Asan ne lomrocha (Greetings in Arunachal Language). From natural beauty in search of quality education I got it at Amrita...
Ms. Debishmitha Department of Social Work


During my five years of learning at ASAS by doing my and MFA (Animation and Content management) I have found that the education system adopted here by Management and the teaching staff is fabulous in molding the students to grow up intellectually and spiritually at higher level. Also, it is highly remarkable that the students by participating in the events like Kalamritham, Vidyamritham, Kayikamritham etc., facilitate and motivate them to develop their individual skills. Thereby, the atmosphere in the ASAS makes the students very creative and professional in any field of work along with the immense support of dedicated Faculties and Management. Through ASAS, I was put for internship at SASTRA UNIVERSITY at Thanjavur for Six months. Having been educated at ASAS, I am very proud to indicate that after the internship, I am continuing at SASTRA as an Animator Project Staff for their E-learning facility, under NMEICT, MHRD, government of India. I extend my sincere thanks to one and all in ASAS...
Ms. Sreevidya M. School of Arts and Sciences


I always cherish the years spent at ASB. It was a mixed bag of fun, learning, extra curricular et al. The faculty is friendly and approachable, willing to lend a helping hand any time. The campus is beautiful with a breathtaking view and that is also one of things I truly miss. All in all, it was a great experience and I am glad I could meet and interact with some amazing people during my two years...
Ms. Piya Jayarajan School of Business


Since social workers aim peace, Amrita is the best choice. From scenic beauty to unique infrastructure. Amrita prioritized my list...
Ms. Monisha Department of Social Work


Our course content was based on the latest technologies from the industry covering all the major aspects. Focus was on individual employability skills, personal growth and development. My learning at Amrita truly made me grow both professionally and personally in my life. Through campus placement I got placed in the multi-national IT company UST Global Solutions and am presently serving as Global Resource Manager in California in their Talent Management Team, Global Sourcing...
Mr. Aswanth S. Nair School of Arts and Sciences


My 2 years at ASB have been the defining periods of my life , in many ways a tipping point in terms of my thinking & approach. I graduated from ASB in 2010, and joined Oracle. I have been with the company since, and currently work there as a Business Analyst and manage Receivables for it’s top 2 VAD’s (Value Added Distributors). I am what I am due to the transformational period in the institute, in which I learnt aspects of business and of myself. This period shaped my thinking as a person, and I have extremely fond memories of my time here...
Mr. Abhishek Tripathi School of Business


Whenever I am making a new stride in my career, I always remember my faculties and ASAS with great gratitude. As an Amrita student I have the privilege and access to say that the facilities offered by ASAS are the Best. It is a real fact that a high standard is maintained in all aspects like arranging faculties and guest lecturers, teaching methods, creating learning atmosphere, extra-curricular activities, etc., I sincerely say that the education I had here was a turning point in my life and also gave me a strong foundation to build up creativeness and professionalism in my work. Presently, I am working as an animator (project staff) in a virtual lab projects, NMEICT, MHRD in the Veterinary department of the SASTRA University, Thanjavur...
Mr. Aravind P. R. School of Arts and Sciences


I consider it a greatest fortune to have completed my PG in Visual Media at Amma’s institution at Kochi. It has been a wonderful experience for me in terms of the academic and creative skills I have acquired and the knowledge I have grasped. My two years of course enabled me to interact so closely with some of the renowned media personnel. Amma says that true education always makes a better person which is what our Amrita School has consistently been doing...
Mr. Aswin J. Kumar School of Arts and Sciences


The AIR in our campus has knowledge & power to inspire and motivate to convert our best to expressions. The two years of my life in the campus gave me the platform to test my skills in sports, arts, studies and taught me that man is made of VALUES and that’s what society demands from each of us. I learnt to dream high actually very high. Every morning I start my day by checking my dream and asking me whether I still have the energy to give a chase. Till date it had given me the energy to surpass all the hurdles that might come my way because my aim is to employee 100000 people and today I have achieved only 0.4 %...
Mr. Verghese Pulikotil George School of Business


Being a member of the Amrita family is such a unique experience. It is a great place to go if you want to grow intellectually and spiritually. It is a beautiful campus, with extremely high standards for education.ASAS is one of a few colleges where you find out who you are and what you want to do with your life I am working as Visualiser in PUBLICIS advertising agency, a French based agency in Bangalore. I was placed through Internship arranged by the Department...
Mr. Mithun Dev School of Arts and Sciences


I was molded by my environment, by all of my peers. It was all of you who truly made me the person I am today. what iam now is all because of this institution, those who maintain it, and those who stand with me and behind me, when we are all working together to rear a pedagogic movement and here I am thanking all my faculties and friends...
Mr. Navneet Anoop School of Arts and Sciences


Placement Status- Among those Lucky Student who came empty handed but overflowed mind with skills. “The One Basic Difference I feel now when I have seen other colleges of MBA is the effort level and dedication of faculty towards student and the kind of support and sincere efforts of all our beloved staff to groom us. ASB is a totally superb class of Education Hub. Though I am not a devotee of Amma but still I love it and proud myself to be a student of it...
Mr. Bipin Yadav School of Business
One of the best things about coming here is witnessing the breathtaking beauty of the campus and become part of the Amrita Family, which is known for its integrity ond cohesion...
Ms. Moumitha Department of Social Work


Apart from academics, the college helps in building a culture in oneself which is rich in tradition and gives an opportunity for effective participation in various activities that benefits the society...
Mr. Gautham Gopakumar School of Business


The support, training and help I received from Amrita is appreciable. By the initiative taken by the faculty, I did three months internship in the International News Channel, CNN - IBN, Chennai. Infrasructure provided for our training at the Amrita school was incredible when compared to other institutions...
Ms. Veena Murali School of Arts and Sciences


The inspiration from Amma and the training received during the MSW program of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham shaped my personality profoundly and led me to professional success. For anyone who join Amrita will find it as an ideal place to gain world-class knowledge and unmatched fieldwork competence. The pleasant and spiritual ambience in the campus is full of opportunities for personal growth...
Mr. S. Kanagaraj Department of Social Work


My Experiences at Amrita - In my opinion, the 4Ps of Management that I was able to see my teachers practice every day were Passion, Patience, Perseverance and Principles. This is something which is evident throughout the entire organization. Leaving aside all the courses that I did, this is what makes most sense to me, and I try my best to practice them at work and at home. I know I have not been able to excel at it yet. But the journey is ON...
Mr. Sharat Chandran School of Business


The 5 year period during my B.Com. and M.Com. at Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi was an exceptionally fine educational experience. I believe the competency, dedication and the professionalism of the Professors were nothing less than outstanding. They provided us with the best educational support . All the teachers have specialized in their relevant fields. Administrative backing of the School was most motivating. The highlight is the location of the college as it is situated in a healthy green environment which also provided the students to have a spiritual development. My days in this college has enabled me to develop a positive attitude and confidence in life. It was a wonderful and challenging experience to be under the umbrella of Amma’s Grace...
Ms. Roshini R. Nair School of Arts and Sciences


Namaskaram (Greetings in Telugu). If you are in search of varied opportunities to learn, you find the right place at Amrita. Culture, education and sports you find it here. This is the best place to develop your skills to face the competitive world...
Ms. Pooja Department of Social Work


Now that it's quite a while when I have completed my MBA from Amrita, I am feeling the impact it had on my learnings & how it had shaped various perspectives towards various things in life. I have become much more aware of life around me. I am able to relate many things & also think deep into them. One special value addition I feel I have got from Amrita is respect for nature & to live in a content way without affecting urge / ambition of creating maximum surplus. I am extremely thankful for once in a life time opportunity of visiting Malardalen University, Sweden for a semester where I learned a lot about Europe & developed world...
Mr. Ashish Makharia School of Business


My search for a unique academic pursuit culminated in joining here. M.Sc.(IT) programme I studied in 2008 helped me to get a campus placement in Kochi itself. I am extremely satisfied. Knowledge and dedication of faculty members is incomparable...
Mr. Dipin P. Mohanan School of Arts and Sciences


Amrita is a beautiful place with amazing infrastructure and right place to pursue MSW course...
Ms. Nitu Bala Brahma Department of Social Work


It is a matter of great pride for me that I passed my post-graduation from Amrita school of arts and sciences, Kochi in 2012. The faculties and lecturers of ASAS played a vital role in shaping and nurturing my qualities. I imbibed good values from this college which inculcated in me to develop creativeness and professionalism in my work by attending various events like Vidyamritham, Workshops, Kayikamritham etc. ASAS instilled confidence in me and I became as a visualizer (project staff) in a virtual lab projects under NMEICT, MHRD, government of India in the Veterinary department of the SASTRA University, Thanjavur and I have been serving this Institution for last one and half years. I feel proud that I am the product of ASAS. Whatever I am today I owe it to my parents and teachers. It is my wish and prayer to almighty that this institution may reach up to the highest pinnacles of glory...
Ms. S. S. Subash Kumar School of Arts and Sciences


Khamma ghani so (Greetings in Marwari).Amrita University provided me good opportunities to grow better as professional under the guidance of effective faculty...
Mr. Jijo Mathew Department of Social Work


I consider it a privilege and honor to attend the classes of most experienced faculty who were best from all over India. My classmates and juniors were virtually cross section of Indian diversity - students from South, North ond North - East of India. Even we had a student from USA as part of student exchange prograrn. Several themes such as Disaster Management. Research Methodology, Entrepreneur Training, Life Skill Promotion conducted by the department also helped me a lot enhance my knowledge. I sincere gratitude to Amrita University...
Mr. Ravi Mohan R. Department of Social Work


Amrita School of Arts and Sciences ( ASAS ) gave me the confidence to dream.” The MFA course in ASAS facilitates a diverse, melting pot of creativity…It provided me with the time, space, means and encouragement to be a journalism aspirant and responsible citizen. I had fantastic, inspiring and challenging days there. The ASAS is driven by passion. A place to experiment, push boundaries, to realise your dreams…Teaching staff is extremely co-operative and are ready to help you in each and every way. They understand you as a person and ready to train individually that helps to grow professionally as well as personally. It’s a complete learning expereince which gives you an overall growth and prepares you the best to face the upcoming challenges of the industry. ASAS fuses quality education with contemporary trends so that not only are the students kept abreast with the changes in the broadcast and media industry but are also able to enhance their skill set. ASAS focuses to lay a solid foundation on which the students can stand firmly and build a career on...
Mr. P. B. Anoop School of Arts and Sciences


Amrita School of Arts and Sciences gave me a lot of experiences. The Seminars and Workshops taught me a lot which I could not imbibe from my regular classes alone. They enhanced my leadership qualities. ASAS gifted me with internship at Aimhigh Brand Consulting, Bangalore. I am now working with a team of experienced people who are giving me immense motivation...
Ms. Sreeja S. School of Arts and Sciences


The two years spent at ASB completely changed my life, professionally and personally. Not only did it reinforce my thoughts about my field of passion, HR, it also made me meet some highly qualified and extremely nice people: my professors, who had a very positive influence on me. I learned from my profs to aim for the sky and yet remain grounded to the earth. I also realized that no matter what, finally it is goodness that prevails. It is this realization that has urged me to excel and yet be calm and humane in this fiercely shrewd and competitive corporate world of ours. And finally, my choice of a life partner was also greatly influenced by my professors at Amrita: a high achiever with a golden heart...
Ms. Madhubanti Chaudhuri School of Business


Studying in ASAS was a wonderful experience. If you are in search of knowledge, ASAS is the place to be. ASAS offers you a lot of facilities & opportunities that help you to achieve your goals and excel in your field. MFA at ASAS was a turning point in my life...
Mr. Siddharth Kandoth School of Arts and Sciences


The values and culture I imbibed from my three years of learning at Amrita was inspiring and helped cultivate positive outlook towards future. Strongly committed and motivating mentors, finest infrastructure facilities and peaceful ambiance of the campus has enabled me to widen and expand my knowledge base too. Amrita nurtures us with cognitive skills that has opened doors for me to walk into a highly professional career. Amrita fosters 'Icha sakthi', 'Gnana sakthi', 'Kriya sakthi' i.e, the power to desire, the power to know and the power to do action which is significant for an individual's progress...
Ms. Praseena School of Arts and Sciences


Life in Amrita helped me to face challenges. My teachers taught me how to manage time and prioritize my tasks. I learned the skills for concentrating on my studies. By imbibing values and interpersonal skills I could improve my social interactions. Well structured academic system paved the way towards my excellent career, after BCA at Amrita...
Ms. Sithara Krishnan School of Arts and Sciences
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