Alumni Speaks

Aiswarya Uday

Assistant System Engineer
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS))

"Our College, one of the best in India has excellent infrastructure, credit based system, updated syllabus, full time lab, library and dedicated faculties in various domains. ‘Kalamritam’ our arts fest, is days filled with fun and happiness. 3 years of BCA and 2 years of MCA made me a confident professional. Additional classes in aptitude, soft skills and verbal by the CIR department helped in this process. I got placed in TCS through the campus recruitment."

Devika V Chand


"The life at amrita help to enhance my carrer prospects and the values and culture I earned from the three years of learning at amrita help me to cultivate a positive outlook towards future"

Haritha Govind

Visual Designer
Cognizant Interactive

"I feel blessed being in Amrita family, being a part of a college with serene, disciplined and spiritually inclined atmosphere, that really helped me in developing my personality. It will be an inspiring memory for my entire lifetime. I joined Cognizant Technology Solutions through Campus Placement."

Dhanya S

Assistant System Engineer - Trainee
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

"The blend of class and labs Vidyamritam, Kalamritam, Kayikamritam and social activities helped me to become a professional. This institute provides excellent placement and the right academic environment. It offers value-based education with the guidance of dedicated and highly qualified faculty, updated syllabus and timely conducted examinations. Amrita played a crucial role in shaping my career."

B Reshma Sharma

Audit Associate

"From this campus I got placed in KPMG, an internatioal audit industry having its head office in Netherlands. KPMG gave me an international exposure. Faith and confidence I gained from Amrita enabled me to achieve this."

Anju M Nair


"The serene and divine atmosphere of the campus itself provided a positive mind-set for us to mould our personality. Cultural education sessions taught in the spirtual aspects of life. Once again I am thankful to the almighty, each and every one of the faculties, their efforts and more over the Corporate and Industry Relations (CIR) department who made us well enough to be confident to achieve a successfull career."

Sreelakshmi Sathyan P


"During the three year of my bachelors degree program in Amrita School of arts and science, Kochi, I have enjoyed the pleasure of learning a lot (both intellectual and spiritual) here. The extramural lecture series called “VIDYAMRITAM” gave me immense opportunity to interact with professionals. Amrita helped me to develop my potential for the tomorrow’s needs."

Priyanka P Patil

Royal Bank of Scotland

"I consider it as a greatest fortune to have completed my U.G. as well as P.G. at Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi. The values and culture I have imbibed from my 5 years of learning has helped to cultivate positive outlook towards future. Adding to it, everything was such a unique wisdom. The educational experience has helped me to mould myself into a better individual. M.Com. at Amrita has given me the hope and winning edge. I am glad to start my career with company like Royal Bank of Scotland"

Sreekanth S

Software Engineer

"Learning here is not a Classroom routine, its a transforming divine experience that touch every mode of a students life. I came as an ordinary M.C.A. student and I’m leaving here as inspired human being with a great bunch of talented brilliant and loving friends and a handful of beautiful memories..."

Ayana Thomas

SAP Labs

"We have excellent facilities here. Extramural lecture series ‘Vidyamritam’ helped us to know more about the latest technologies. The serene atmosphere and disciplined ambience influenced our personality. The verbal, soft-skill, aptitude classes here helped me for recruitments. With God’s grace and through well-defined training provided. I joined in SAP Labs through our campus placement."

M Sareena Sadanandan

Assistant Manager
Axis Bank

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to ASAS Kochi. or all the opportunity it has provided me. ASAS is a deep ocean of knowledge were everyone gets equal opportunity ASAS is one among the very few organization which supports value based education ASAS promotes the spirit of unity The biggest strength of ASAS is the qualified and experienced teaching faculty who are always ready to help the students in clarifying all their doubts. Mentors are really friendly and are always approachable. I am really happy to be a part of amrita fraternity. I owe my success to ASAS Kochi."

Seethal K V

Audit Associate

"ASAS, Kochi served a bridge to achieve my career more than an academic package. The seminars and workshops provided by my college taught me a lot which I could not imbibe from my regular classes alone. Now I am a part of KPMG, which is one of the big four audit firm in the world and I got this golden opportunity through our Campus Placement."

Kavya R S )

Graphic Designer
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS

"Our campus was a stepping stone in my career. It developed my interpersonal skills through teachers who mentored us through friendship and disciplined coaching. After 3 years of my degree in B.Sc. (Visual Media) I couldn’t imagine myself being placed at a prestigious company like TCS as Graphic Web Designer."

Arsha Joseph


"I completed my B.C.A. from this Campus. Education system here Kochi fills moral values, confidence and positivity in life. I also did service through Samskriti, the cultural forum. We get opportunity to do selfless service and help to least fortunate people in the society. Excellent coaching has helped me to get placed."

Dhanitha D

Student - Computer Application
WIPRO Technologies

"My decision to join in Amrita was the commitment and dedication Amrita offers in its class education. I got placed in Wipro Technologies with second rank and working here as a student computer application. Amrita is the right place where students are served with the perfect diet which is sufficient for them to become a real human being with cultural values and to have a bright future with the grace of Amma. What Amrita offered me is a culture, that is intense, exhilarating, and utterly transformative that I will treasure for the rest of my life."

S Niveditha

McKinsey & Company

"During my B.Com. at Amrita, Kochi I was not just learning from the syllabus but beyond that. The life in Amrita gave a new perspective towards life. The values that we holds from Amrita will stay back with us and help us to lead a disciplined life pattern. Life skills classes helped us a lot while facing interviews and appearing for tests. I am placed in McKinsey and Company as a Business Presentation Specialist (BPS) in McKinsey. My experience with McKinsey is simply great. The working environment and work-life balance makes McKinsey different from others. Looking back, I realise that the best decision I have ever taken in my life is – to be a part of Amrita."

Durga S

Asst. Delivery Manager (Shoper)
Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

"As an Amritian, I am very proud to say that our college is one of the best in Kerala that provides quality education. Soft-Skills and Aptitude classes guided us to our career achievements. Adding to it, the serene and the disciplined atmosphere helped us to develop our personality. The values and rituals of culture we imbibed from this atmosphere will help us to live a quality life also. I joined in Tally Solutions through our Campus Placement."

Donna Alex

Wipro Technologies

"I am extremely pleased to offer tributes to my alma mater for the support I received through the foundation of values. I would like to express in few words : “CONFIDENCE AND HARDWORK ARE THE BEST MEDICINE TO KILL THE DISEASE CALLED FAILURE, IT WILL DEFINITELY MAKE YOU A SUCCESSFUL PERSON”. This is what I received here."

Vaishnavi T V

Programmer Trainee

"“ I am blessed to be a part of Amrita”. Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi is one of the best colleges which renders services for the welfare of the people. As the name Amrita itself implies for its spiritual and discipline for both the staff and students with a friendly atmosphere. Amrita ensures that all the students who have stepped in have a Bright and colourful future."

Padma. K. S.

Imaging Associate(DIS Process)
Amazon Development Center

"I am very happy to be a part of Amrita family. Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi provided a solid foundation for my professional career and developed my knowledge about the subjects which i am interested in, through doing BSc Visual Media. Thanks to the almighty for his wonderful grace and thanks to the people who supported me for makeing up my career through Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham."

Diya Vijayan

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

"My first and formost obligation would be to thank the Amrita Campus and TCS team for the opportunity provided. Our College is well known for value-based education. The syllabus is designed to foster professional knowledge deep within us. The College bestowed us with all the facilities such as full time lab accessibility, e-learning facility, digital library which gave us to access even International research journals. All the students are imparted compulsory proffessional training in soft skills and aptitude for Campus Recruitments. The question as to ‘What next after graduation’ is not a blind step for an Amritian!"

Gayathry Reghunandanan

Junior Analyst
Standered Chartered Scope International

"The serenity of the campus, excellent motivation by the faculty, and a unique set of rules and regulations have indeed moulded me into a better individual. Amrita, Kochi has inculcated in me a perfect blend of values and materialistic education. Education mixed with extra curricular activities was the agenda of the course. I joined Standered Chartered Scope International through Campus Placement."

Anupam K C

Senior Producer
Surya Music (Surya TV)

"When I first came to Kochi to pursue Post Graduation in Visual Media, I was petrified and felt left alone as it was my first experience staying away from home. This campus, its enlightened faculties and friendly non teaching staffs made me feel at home giving me the confidence to face any challenges. I found great peace and wisdom in the vast library of knowledge imported in the campus. The lectures and practical knowledge offered in the campus helped me to learn more about the concept of visual media."

Ligiya Joseph Simenthy

Software Engineer
IBS Software Services Pvt. Ltd

" IBS Software Services Pvt.Ltd Through extramural learning series, conferences and interactions, I learned a lot to build up my knowledge on the latest trends in IT industry. I am very happy to say that, I joined IBS Software Services through our Campus Recruitment and always cherish my life moments in campus."

Arun S

Project Engineer
Wipro Technologies

"I can positively say Amrita, Kochi campus has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. The college gave us all facilities to develop our knowledge with dedicated faculty. Corporate and Industry Relations has played an important role to achieve my goals in career. I’m a part of a reputed organization now. It’s all because of the guidance and knowledge I got from Amrita."

B Sreevidhya

Project Engineer
Wipro Technologies

"Being part of Amrita family is a greatest fortune. Value based education helped me to mould my career. It is a place where divinity is present even in air we breathe. My life in Wipro is successful due to the training and the discipline I acquired through my six years (B.C.A. and M.C.A.) in Amrita."

Roshini R. Nair

Inventory Planner, Supply Chain Management
Etihad Airways, UAE

"The 5 year period during my B.Com. and M.Com. at Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi was an exceptionally fine educational experience. I believe the competency, dedication and the professionalism of the Professors were nothing less than outstanding. Administrative backing of the School was most motivating. Biodiversity and in a hallmark of the healthy green environment campus. My days in this college has enabled me to develop spiritual thinking, a positive attitude and confidence in life. It was a wonderful and challenging experience to be under the umbrella of Amma’s Grace.."

Chithra G Krishna

Graphic Designer in Branding
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

"For the past 5 years [B.Sc. (VM) and M.F.A. (ACM)] I had been a part of ASAS, Kochi. Creative pursuits encouraged me to think out of the box. College also taught me a lot about culture and values. The excellent faculty here moulded us into what we are now. Quality training I received here enabled me to get selected in Tata Consultancy Services. "

Haritha Deepu

Infosys Technologies Limited

"During my B.C.A. in Amrita, Kochi, I enjoyed the pleasure of learning both intellectual and spiritual. Through ‘VIDYAMRITAM’ a unique opportunity was provided to interact with eminent professionals. Seminars and conference organised by the college on emerging areas were most rewarding."

Geethu Prasad

Imaging Associate
Amazon India

"Being an Amritian is my luck. We learned through advanced syllabus, full time advanced library and lab facilities. Excellent coaching by expert and dedicated faculties has helped me to attain such a position in my life. The serene and the disciplined atmosphere of Amrita School of Arts and Sciences have helped us to overcome any situation with full confidence. As Amma says, the college has provided us with education for life and education for living. Being provided with both these is very useful in one’s life. I was selected in a firm like Amazon, through Campus Placement."

Geethanjali Anil Kumar

McKinsey and Company

"Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi is a temple of knowledge. Here we are given maximum exposure to the Corporate World. The faculty here is excellent, they moulded us into what we are now and the Placement department enhances our employability skills. We have inculcated a good culture that is a habit now. I am lucky to have been a part of this Institution."

Sruthi Shikhamani

Associate Director
and Script Writer
(Film Industry)

"Just like how food tastes better when cooked with love, academics reap better fruits when love involves. In the process of imparting knowledge and thereby enlightening us, love was a constant component at ASAS. My belief that honest teachers are only at schools turned a myth overnight. I used to say an apathetic ‘No’ whenever asked about role models. I truly felt in a heavenly fortification. For being and continuing to be a guiding light and promising a hand of support, I am forever indebted to my favorite college."

Surya Merin Jacob

Programmer Trainee

"It is my great pleasure to write a few words about my college. Each year so many students are getting placed in reputed firms. In a nutshell AMRITA is said to be the brand ambassador of campus placements. Our college has a good reputation among the common public. AMRITA is executing an eminent role in moulding IT professionals, artists etc."

Srijina N

Programming Analyst

"Education system in Amrita fills moral value in life. It really provides education for living and education for life. Samskriti, a service venture provides students with the opportunity to do selfless service and provides helps to least fortunate people in the society. Above all, we are getting lessons of how to swim the ocean of life."

Gopika M


"I feel proud that I am an Amritian. Life in Amrita, Kochi helped me to face challenges. I could also improve my social interactions. Well structured academics is one of the best advantages. The seminars and workshops taught me a lot. Faculty is excellent. The Corporate and Industry Relations (CIR) department made our placement possible."

Amala Suthesh

Associate Consultant
Wipro Technologies

"I am very proud to be a Amritian. Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi is one of the best college in Kerala. It provides value based education. Other colleges only provides us with knowledge in our corresponding subjects. But its Amrita which provides spiritual knowledge. Amrita, Kochi also provides many extra-mural lecture series not only for the subject related topics but also for other activites like yoga etc. More over Campus Recruitments are more in our Campus compared to other Colleges. I joined Wipro Technologies as an Associate Consultant SAP BASIS through Campus Recruitment."

Gopika M

Student-Comupter Application
Wipro Technologies

"“Education – An enlightment of mind” dwells in an atmosphere of good environment and proactive thinking in a congenial manner. Our college has dedicated teachers, who care about us and who wants to see us excel in our field. The college provided us all the needs to transform ourselves as an outstanding person in our field, such as advanced syllabus, library, full time lab with complete facilities etc. Amma’s vision of Education for life and Education for living is achieved here. I am thankful to Amrita for placing me in WIPRO a topnotch comapny with eco-friendly environment."

Vysaakan M

Project Engineer
Wipro Technologies

"Amrita, Kochi is a very well respected Arts and Sciences College in Kerala. Creative way of educators encourages us to think out of the box. When I started the course M.C.A., I had to struggle to accomplish academically. Thanks to Amrita, I have now found that I am successfull when undertaking assignments and organizing for both myself and others. I had ample support from both the staff and trainers of Corporate and Industry Relations (CIR). Personal connections were positive throughout."

K S Anjali

Software Associate
UST Global

"“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” Excellent learning environment, good faculty members, high class facilities,advanced syllabus, fun at study,library, full-time lab facility, supportive staff and a healthy milieu fostering individual growth make Amrita an ideal place to be at and learn. The most important thing I learnt in Amrita is that ‘never lose self-confidence’. Today, being a Software Associate in US Technology International Pvt. Ltd., I can vouch that the credit of my growth goes to my alma mater. I sincerely wish that the institute continues its endeavors."

Amrutha Preetham M

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

"I think I have made the correct decision while opting for Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi. I have experienced a true sense of belonging. The institution organized multiple hang-out sessions, workshops, seminars which helps us to acquire additional skills and develop our overall personality. This institution has gone beyond the conventional practice of imparting curriculum based learning and gives much prominence to value based education with a vision to support us to excel in all sphere of life. "

Veena Murali

Mazhavil Manorama)

"The support, training and help I received from ASAS, Kochi is appreciable. By the initiative taken by the faculty I did three months internship in the international news channel, CNN - IBN, Chennai. After this I was placed as Producer in Mazhavil Manorama. Infrasructure provided for our training at the Amrita school was incredible when compared to other institutions."

P. B. Anoop

Senior Journalist
Manorama News

"The MFA course in ASAS facilitates a diverse, melting pot of creativity…I had fantastic, inspiring and challenging days there. The ASAS is driven by passion. A place to experiment, push boundaries, to realise your dreams… Teaching staff is extremely knowledgable and co-operative. ASAS fuses quality education with contemporary trends in the broadcast and media industry."

Roshni Kurian

Infosys Technologies Limited

"Feeling proud to a be part of India’s number 1 private University where equal importance is given to academics as well as values. The calm and quite atmosphere of the campus had been a refreshing source of inspiration. The experienced and dedicated teachers here bring vast knowledge. The best tech journals are made available in our library to stay updated. On joining Infosys Technologies Ltd for training in August 2015, I realized that even the little things learned at Amrita were great. Apart from academics we got several opportunities to serve the society through our CSR initiatives. Joining Amrita, Kochi was one of the best decisions I ever took. We can see that respect and sparkle in everyone’s eye when we say that “we are from Amrita”. Proud to be an Amritian, mentored greatly."

Debasree R

Graphic Designer in Branding
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

"Doing Post Graduate in M.F.A. (Animation and Content Management) from Amrita, Kochi was a life changing experience for me. The course helped me in identifying my skills and potential. I express my sincere gratitude towards the faculty for their immense support in making me use my abilities at right time. The exposure and confidence that I have gained from here got me placed in TCS. Divine Grace in this campus is inexplicable."

Kavya Krishnakumar

Programmer Analyst

"Getting into an MNC like Cognizant is a dream for everyone. I was really impressed the way people take up life at Cognizant. They find it the second home. They say, “You won’t feel it difficult to adjust with the work culture.Everyone treats you like family.” The company provides lots of encouragement to each individual to develop their skills via proper classroom followed by on the job training. Lots of tools and technologies to learn, different levels of people with varied experience. Lots of perks and fun place.Lot of opportunities for learning new skills and adding knowledge with Life work balance and lot of fun working for Cognizant. I am thankful to Amma for materialistic and spiritual values which led me to this situation."

Lekshmi A Kumar

Software Engineer

"Competent instructors, up-to-date material, and an overall astounding excellence of the training plus the equipment and amenities make Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi a first-rate institution. I am placed in CreatNlrn through campus recruitment. I am extremely grateful for the guidance, support and the result I received. Also, as a part of the curriculum, I was given an opportunity to publish a research paper in an international journal. I feel blessed to be a part of Amrita fraternity."

Nanditha J

Assistant System Engineer
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

"The life at Amrita, Kochi provides us with the opportunities not only in the field of education but also in the overall character development. Serenity and extreme discipline mentored us positively."

Pooja V

Visual Designer

"The ASAS program connected me to wonderful mentors who encouraged me to be creative, confident and curious. The faculty met with me regularly to make sure that I was not getting lost in the adjustment to university life and rigorous academia. I always felt that they were interested in me as both a student and a person. The program allowed me a lot of flexibility to combine my interests into independent studies with notable professors and the faculty always promoted students for awards, internships and international opportunities."

And Many more...