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Travel has been an integral part of the history of human civilization from the earliest stages. Though people have travelled across the globe throughout history, accounts of these movements, written or oral, have been lost to us. Whatever form it has taken across the ages – voyages of adventure and exploration, pilgrimages, military and naval campaigns, migrations, exile, indenture, tourism or even space travel- it has altered the mindscapes and identities of the traveller and the community to which he/she returned. This is because, as Tabish Khair argues, travel is not just a matter of going away, but a matter of coming back too. The perceptions of these travellers invariably produce varied accounts of their experience with an admixture of ‘the real’ and ‘the imaginary’.

Critical studies in Travel Writing began only in its last quarter when scholars linked it with political developments like colonial expansion and related discourses. Ever since, this heterogeneous genre has both broadened and problematized our understanding of various disciplines and movements like modernity, colonialism and nationalism. In the different forms it has taken over the ages — the early modern routes of pilgrimage or explorations, the colonial era voyages and campaigns of exploration and conquest from the imperial centres including the European Grand Tours or the parallel counter-flows they occasioned from the colonies to the centres, large scale displacements, migrations and exile in the interwar and postcolonial eras or the well-mapped tourist trajectories of the contemporary world — travel has now been understood as a “figure for different modes of stasis, movement and knowledge”. Narratives of such travels invite critical engagement from multi-disciplinary perspectives. The critique of hegemonic mobilities – Eurocentric, colonial, patriarchal, classist, racist, casteist — have resulted in attempts to reclaim those erased/conflated mobilities beyond these formations. Since then, studies on travel narratives have helped debate and discuss several concepts such as exoticism, home and away, nostalgia, exile, otherness and selfhood, hybridity and borders. Today, the genre covers various forms of expression like travelogues, fiction, poetry, life writing, movies, documentaries and blogs. The conference intends to explore this hybrid genre from different theoretical positions. .


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