Three Day National Hands on Workshop

About the Workshop

Structural Equation Modeling is a powerful multivariate data analysis technique which is widely used in many areas of research. It allows both confirmatory and exploratory modeling. Factor analysis, path analysis and regression are all special cases of SEM. Structural Equation Modeling finds wide-spread application in all the major fields of study such as Economics, Social Sciences, Biology, Psychology, Education, Healthcare, and Business. SEM using Amos enables to specify, estimate, assess and present models to show hypothesized relationships among variables. SPSS AMOS allows researchers to build attitudinal and behavioral models that reflect complex relationships.


Organized by

Department of Commerce and Management in association with
Amrita Centre for Research and Development (ACRD) Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi Campus
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University

Organising Committee

Dr. U Krishnakumar

Workshop Chair and HOD
Dr. P. Balasubramanian

Program Convener
Dr. Ambily. A.S. (Mobile: 09995861602)

Dr. S. Venugopal
Dr. Sony Vijayan
Sri. K.R. Shabu
Dr. N. Ajithkumar
Dr. N.V. Sreedharan
Prof. C.A Jagdish. S
Sri. C.A. Pramod
Dr. K.K. Anoop
Sri. S. Girish
Ms. K.G. Rajani
Ms. R. Preetha
Ms. Rashmi J. Menon
Sri. J. Jayasankar
Ms. M.B. Krishna