Department of Commerce and Management

Department Overview

Department of Commerce and Management has been offering under graduate and post graduate programme relevant to the industry requirements in an exemplary manner since its inception. The department is endowed with learned and experienced faculty members and extremely good facilities.

The modern world is full of opportunities beset with challenges. The challenges can be overcome only by possessing the required skill sets. Department offers Ph.D., M. Phil., M.Com. (Finance and Systems), B.Com. (Finance and I.T.), B.Com. (Taxation and Finance) and Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.). Academic Courses impart the necessary skills with a solid footage of theory and practice required for the industry, commerce and academia. The curricula defined for the course and the course delivery mechanisms are designed to achieve this objective in an uncompromising stature, meeting international standards.

Programmes Offered


Post Graduate PROGRAMME offered

Under Graduate PROGRAMME offered

Research Areas

Supply chain Management, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Computational Finance, Healthcare Psychology.

Faculty Details

We have a rich profile of experienced and learned faculty to serve the school.
Many faculty members are involved in active research.
Every department has organized TARGET AREA GROUPS [TAG]
in the domains of specialized areas of knowledge.

Capital Market Structures, Maritime, Corporate, I.T. and Financial Laws

Dr. Sony Vijayan
Associate Professor, Research Guide, PGP Chair, (Member, Board of Studies in Commerce and in Business Management)

Ph.D., L.L.B., M. L., UGC-NET

Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Maritime Law, Corporate Laws

21 years teaching experience and practice as a Lawyer. Presented papers in International Conferences and Journals

Finance, Taxation and Financial Services

Dr. P Balasubramanian
Asst. Professor (Sr.Gr.), Research Guide

Ph. D., M.B.A. (Finance), M.Phil. (Management), M.Com. (Finance)

Finance & Management

12 years of experience in teaching and research.

Dr. A. S. Ambily
Asst. Professor (Sr.Gr.) and Research Coordinator (Member, Board of Studies in Commerce)

Ph. D., M.Com. (Finance), B.Ed.

Finance, HR

13 years academic experience, including 8 years in research. Published papers in referred journals.

Dr. S .Venugopal
Professor, Research Supervisor (Chairman, Board of Studies in Commerce)

Ph. D., M. Com.

Finance, Marketing, Management.

38 years of experiences in teaching, including 19 years of research.

K. R. Shabu
Asst. Professor (Sr.Gr.)

M. Com. (Finance), M. Phil. (Commerce), M.B.A. (Finance), UGC-NET

Accounting, Finance

28 years teaching experience, including 10 years in research. Published books in Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Cost Accounting. Published and presented papers in referred journals.

Dr. Anoop K K
Asst. Professor, Research Guide

M.B.A. (Finance and Marketing), UGC-NET JRF-SRF, Ph.D.

Marketing, Finance, General Management

3 years teaching experience, 4 years in research and 1 year in Industry. Published and presented papers in referred journals.

J. Jayashankar
Asst. Professor

M.Com. (Finance), UGC-NET

Finance, Accounting, Taxation, Management

3 years academic experience.

Krishna M.B.
Asst. Professor

M.Com., UGC-NET.

Finance, Marketing, Management

3 years experience in teaching

C.A. Jagdish. S, FCA
Professor (Member, Board of Studies in Commerce)


Finance, Taxation, Auditing Management, Soft Skills

16 years teaching and 25 years of experience as Chartered Accountant and Project Management Consultant.

C.A. Pramod Prabhu S.H.
Expert Faculty (Member, Board of Studies in Commerce)


Finance, Taxation, Management

12 years experience in industry as Chartered Accountant and 14 years in teaching.

C.A. Satheeshkumar G, FCA
Expert Guest Faculty


Finance, Taxation, System Audit

23 years professional experience as consultant and Chartered Accountant.

Marketing, Advertising

Dr. N.V. Sreedharan
Professor, Research Guide (Member, Board of Studies in Business Management)

Ph.D. in Marketing (Advertising), M.B.A. (Finance), M.A. (English Language and Literature)

Organisational Behavior, Small Business Management, Strategic Management

18 years academic experience, including 11 years in research. (Also serving in Department of Visual Media and Communication)

Dr. Indu Maneesh Kumar
Asst. Professor

M.B.A., M. Phil. Ph.D.

Marketing, Human Resource Management Advertising

3 years experience in teaching, 7 years in research and 4 years in industry.

Prof. T. K. Ajaikumar

M. A. (Philosophy), PGDBA, Ph.D. (Honour)

Marketing, Customer Care, HR, Soft Skills, Market Research

34 years industry experience in Marketing, HR and Corporate Training. 9 years research experience.

HR, Relationship Capital Management, E-Governance

K. G. Rajani
Asst. Professor

M. Com (Finance), M. Phil (Commerce), PGDCA, SET

Cost Accounting, Management

17 years academic experience, including 7 years in research.

S Girish
Asst. Professor

M.Com (Finance), MBA (Finance) , UGC-NET

Finance, Marketing, HRM

9 years of experience in teaching and 1 year in industry. Presented papers in International Conferences and Journals

R Preetha
Asst. Professor

M.Com, MBA (Finance), M.Phill

Finance, Accounting

15 years of experience in teaching and reserach.

Rashmi J Menon
Asst. Professor

M.B.A. (HR & Marketing)

HR, Marketing, PR

2 years in teaching and 5 years industry experience.
(Also serving in Department of Visual Media and Communication)

Supply Chain & Logistics Management, Environment Studies (Interdisciplinary)

Dr. M.R.Chithra
Asst. Professor

Ph.D, M. Sc (Mathematics), (Interdisciplinary with Computer Science and Commerce)

Graph Theory, Discrete Mathematics.

9 years experience in research and teaching. Papers Published in International Journals.

Ambili S. Nair
Asst. Professor

M. Sc., B. Ed., M.Phil (Mathematics)

Operations Research, Statistics

22 years experience in teaching and 6 years in research.

Dr. Suresh N
Asst. Professor

M. Sc., Ph.D.

Environmental Science, Research Methodology

23 years experience in teaching, 27 years in research and 9 years in industry.

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Visiting Faculty & Consulting Experts

Dr. K. P. S. Nair
Director , FACT

Ph. D. (Operations Management), MBA, M.Tech.

C.A. P. J. Johney, FCA
Chartered Accountant
C.A. Vivek Krishna Govind, FCA
Partner, Varma and Varma Chartered Accountants Kochi
Dr. Vivek Menon
Associate Professor, Amrita School of Business
Prof. Prashanth Nair
Dept. of Computer Science, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Coimbatore