Department of Computer Science and I.T.

Department Overview

The Computer Science and I.T. Department of Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi was established with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Computer Science and I.T. Applications. We aim at carving out graduates with professional knowledge. Many of our Alumni are holding important positions in I.T. industry in India and abroad.

Programmes Offered
Research Areas

Cloud Computing, Cryptography, Medical Informatics, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Networking.

Faculty Details

We have a rich profile of experienced and learned faculty to serve the school.
Many faculty members are involved in active research.
Every department has organized TARGET AREA GROUPS [TAG]
in the domains of specialized areas of knowledge.

Data Mining and Bioinformatics

Dr. Maya L. Pai
Asst. Professor (Sr.Gr.), Research Guide, (Chairperson, Board of Studies in Computer Science and IT)

Ph.D, M. Sc. (Applied Mathematics), B. Ed., M.Phil., SET

Data Mining, Discrete Mathematics

34 years academic experience, including 8 years in research. Published papers in refered national and international journals.

Dr. U. Krishnakumar
Director, Research Supervisor (Member, Boarder of Studies in Visual Media and Fine Arts)

Ph. D. (IIT-Mumbai), M.E. (I.I.Sc., Bangalore), B. Tech (Calicut)

Distributed Computing, Science Communication, Culture and Media Studies

42 years academic experience and 23 years research experience in India and abroad

Image Processing

Dr. E. R. Vimina
Asst. Professor

Ph.D. (Computer Science), M.E (Computer Science and Engineering), B.Tech. (Electrical and Electronics)

Image Processing, Information Retreival System, Data Structues and Algorithms, Data Mining

17 years of teaching and research experience.

Distributed Computing, Natural Language Computing

A. S. Mahesh
Asst. Professor

M. Sc. (CS), MBA (Systems and Marketing), M.Phil. (CS), PGDCA, ‘O’ Level

Cloud Computing, Networking, Programming

19 years academic experience, including 6 years in research.

K Sreekumar
Asst. Professor


Web Technology, Database Technology, Distributed Computing, Object Oriented System Design, Data Warehousing and Data Mining

17 years academic and 4 years industry experience.

C.V. Prasanna Kumar
Asst. Professor


Cryptography, Networking, Databases, International Student Counselling

20 years academic experience, including 10 years in South Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam

L. Nitha
Asst. Professor

M.C.A., M.Phil (CS), PGDCA, ‘O’ Level

Data Mining, Micro Processor, Operating Systems

18 years experience in teaching.

V. R. Rajalakshmi
Asst. Professor

M. Tech. (IT), M. Sc. (IT), PGDCA, ‘O’ Level

Database Systems, OOPS Programming, Data Structures, Data Mining

18 years experience in teaching.

A. G. Hari Narayanan
Asst. Professor


Data Mining, Web Programming

11 years academic experience, including 6 years in research and two years in industry.

Geometry, Algorithms, System Software

R. Nandakumar
Asst. Professor

M.Tech. (CS), M.Sc. (Physics), UGC-NET (Physics)

Algorithms, Geometry.

21 years of experience in industry, research and teaching. Published papers in refered International journals.

Hardware Interface, System Software, Mobile App Development, Image Processing

K. Jayakrishnan
Visiting Faculty
Director, Xtend Technologies
(Member, Board of Studies in Computer Science and IT)

MCA, M.Tech.

Algorithms, Geometry.

22 years of experience in industry, 13 years in research and teaching.

N. S. Ranganathan
Visiting Faculty


Software Engineering, Biomedical Image Processing, Programming and Skill Development

23 years industry experience and teaching in India and abroad.

Networking and Data Security

Nima S. Nair
Asst. Professor

M.C.A., M.Phil (CS), PGDCA, ‘O’ Level

Networking, Cloud Computing, Systems & Network Security, Operating System

18 years experience in teaching.

V. Leena
Asst. Professor



15 years experience including industry and teaching.

T. Remya Nair
Asst. Professor



11 years experience in teaching.

K. P. Ambily
Faculty Associate

M. Sc. (CS), M. Phil.

Networks, Systems and Network Security

11 years experience in teaching.

Software Engineering

M. Soumya Krishnan
Asst. Professor

M.C.A., M. Sc.(CS), M.Phil (CS)

Software Engineering, Data Mining, ITES.

17 years experience in teaching.

G. Deepa
Asst. Professor


Software Engineering, Data Mining

15 years experience in teaching.

G. S. Anisha
Faculty Associate

M.C.A., M.Phil. (CS)

Networks, Data Mining

4 years experience in teaching.

Uma Devi
Faculty Associate


Software Engineering, Data Mining

10 years experience in teaching.


R. Sanju


R. Rahul

B. Sc. (CS), MCSE, Doing M.Sc. (CS)
System Administrator

V. S. Nithin

Diploma (Networking), CCNA, RHCE, LCS2 (Legrand)
Network Administrator

Rajesh J. Nambiar

CCNA, Diploma in Hardware
Network Technician

R. Divya

Lab Instructor

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Visiting Faculty

Dr. M. Ravishankar
Associate Professor, CUSAT

M.Tech., Ph.D.

Maya Menon
Cognizant Technology Solutions Ltd.

M. Sc. (Quantum Electronics), PMP

Ullas Ponnadi
Chief Technology Officer, CreatNlm

B. Tech. (ECE), NIT

Ramesh Govind
Project Manager, Infovista Ltd.