Department of Mathematics

Department Overview

The Department has highly research oriented faculty members. They are pursuing their work towards Ph.D. and engaged in inter disciplinery research. The department offers Ph.D., M. Phil., M.Sc. Mathematics and a five year Integrated B.Sc. - M.Sc. degree programme in Mathematics.

The department also serves as a pivotal supporting department to all other departments in the campus, since mathematical acumen being the most fundamental to research and technical expertise.

Our mission is to provide the intellectual maturity to understand the laws of nature and translate them into mathematical language. The faculty members provide a strong foundation to sharpen the skills for solving various problems of mankind.

Department also gives coaching in Mathematical Tools R and SPSS.

Programmes Offered


Post Graduate PROGRAMME offered

5 Years Integrated PROGRAMME offered

Faculty Details

We have a rich profile of experienced and learned faculty to serve the school.
Many faculty members are involved in active research.
Every department has organized TARGET AREA GROUPS [TAG]
in the domains of specialized areas of knowledge.

Graph Theory, Queing Theory, Stochastic Modelling

Dr. M.R.Chithra
Asst. Professor (Sr.Gr.), Research Guide Memeber (Board of Studies in Mathematics)

Ph.D, M. Sc. (Mathematics)

Graph Theory, Discrete Mathematics.

9 years experience in research and teaching. Papers Published in International Journals.

Lakshmi Girish
Faculty Associate

M. Sc. (Mathematics), UGC-NET

Graph Theory, Linear Algebra

3 years experience in teaching.

Discrete Mathematics, Operations Research

Dr. Maya L. Pai
Asst. Professor (Sr.Gr.), Research Guide,(Member, Board of Studies in Mathematics & Computer Science and IT)

Ph.D, M. Sc. (Applied Mathematics), B. Ed., M.Phil., SET

Discrete Mathematics, Numerical Methods, OR

34 years academic experience, including 8 years in research. Published papers in refered national and international journals.

Ambili S. Nair
Asst. Professor

M. Sc., B. Ed., M.Phil. (Mathematics)

Operations Research, Statistics

22 years experience in teaching and 6 years in research.

Abstract Algebra

Dr. Akhila R
Asst. Professor

M.Phil., M.Sc. (Mathematics), Ph.D.

Algebra, Semigroupd Theory, Discrete Mathematics

5 years experience in research and teaching. Paper published in International Journal.

P Manjusha
Asst. Professor


Abstract algebra, Calculus, graph theory

8 years in teaching.

Lakshmi Priya K.
Faculty Associate

M.Sc. (Mathematics), UGC-NET

Abstract Algebra, Vedic Mathematics

2 years in teaching.

Fluid Mechanics

R Parameswaran
Asst. Professor

M. Sc. (Mathematics), M.Phil.

Differential Equations, Fluid Mechanics.

8 years experience in teaching and research.

Numerical Methods

Supriya Rajendran
Asst. Professor

M. Sc.(Mathematics), M.Phil., B. Ed.

Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory, Numerical Methods, OR.

20 years experience in teaching.

Statistics and Scientific Computing

Anjaly Anand
Asst. Professor

M.Sc.(Tech) in Mathematics and Scientific Computing

Numerical Methods, Operations Research, Statistics

4 years experience in research and teaching. Paper published in International Journal

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Academic Advisors

Dr. N. Unnikrishnan Nair
Former Vice-Chancellor, CUSAT
Dr. K.V. Pramod
Dr. V. Krishnakumar
Adjunct Professor, Kerala School of Mathamatics, Kozhikode