Integrated Programme

Integrated B.C.A. - M.C.A. (Girls only)

(Exit option with B.C.A. Degree after 6th Semester)


FIVE Years - TEN Semesters

10+2 any stream with 50% marks

Subject to Approval by the Academic council.
Semester 1
Communicative English
Language I
Mathematical Foundation
Environmental Science and Sustainability
Computer Essentials
Computational Thinking and Problem Solving
Cultural Education I
Computational Thinking and Problem Solving Lab
Semester 2
Professional Communication
Language II
Discrete Mathematics
Database Management System
Programming in C
Computer Organization
Cultural Education II
Database Management System Lab
Programming in C Lab
Cultural Education II
Semester 3
Statistical and Numerical Methods
Data Structures and Algorithms
Object Oriented Programming using C++
Operating System
Principles of Management and Accounting
Data Structures and Algorithms Lab
Amrita Value Programme I
Life Skills I
Object Oriented Programming using C++ Lab
Semester 4
Computer Networks
Java Programming
Web Technologies
Software Engineering
Open Elective A*
Amrita Value Programme II
Life Skills II
Java Programming Lab
Web Technologies Lab
Semester 5
C# and .NET Framework
Advanced Java and J2EE
Elective A
Mobile Application Development Lab
Advanced Java and J2EE Lab
Comprehensive Technical VIVA-Voce
Live in Labs# / Open Elective B*
Life skills III
Minor Project
Semester 6
Computer Graphics
Cryptography and Cyber Security
Python Programming
Elective B
Computer Graphics Lab
Semester 7
Advanced computer networking and internet
Design and analysis of algorithms
Advanced software engineering
Basics of Operations Research
Advanced Databases
Lab 1
Lab 2
Semester 8
Web Services and Cloud
Data Mining and Applications
Computer Language Engineering
Elective – I
Elective - II
Technical Writing*
Research Learning & Problem Formulation
Lab 3
Semester 9
Design Patterns
System Security
Elective - III
Elective - IV
Lab 5
Dissertation Phase I
Semester 10
Dissertation – Phase II
Elective I/II & III (Any Three)
Network Security
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Software Quality Assurance
Computational Intelligence
Information Retrieval
Open-Source Systems
Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing
Advanced Operating System and Distributed Computing
Wireless Communications and Networks
Computer Graphics and Visualization
Semantic Web Technologies
Database Administration
Digital Image Processing
Business Intelligence
Network Management and System Administration
Big Data Analytics and Visualization
Modern Web Application Development using Mean Stack
Introduction To Intelligent Systems And Machine Learning
ELECTIVES A, B, C & D (Any Three)
Artificial Intelligence
Architecture and Deployment of Secure and Scalable WAN
Client Server Computing
Embedded Systems
Enterprise Resource Planning Management
Knowledge Management
LAN Switching and Advanced Routing
Micro processor Systems
Multimedia and Graphics
Social and Professional Issues in Computing
Soft Computing
Systems and Network Administration

MANAGEMENT ElectivE (Any One)
• Principles of Economics and Management
• Software Project Management
Data Structures and Algorithms lab
Java Programming
GUI Programming using VB.Net
Android Application Development
Web Development using ASP.NET
Database Management Systems Lab
Operating Systems Lab
Computer Organization and Architecture lab
Web & XML Programming using Java & J2EE
Angular and Node JS Lab
Network and Grid Simulation Lab
Bio-informatics Lab
* Two Open Elective courses are to be taken by each student, one each in the 4th and the 5th semesters, from the list of Open Electives offered by the School.

# Students undertaking and registering for a Live-in-Lab project, can be exempted from registering for an Open Elective course in the fifth semester.

Electives listed above are only indicative. Actual Offering will depend on the number of students registering for the courses and availability of faculty.

School Administration reserves the right to modif y the subjects / curriculum / detailed syllabus as per the topical needs or changes in trends of the academic stream or industry requirements.

* One of the electives can be a Live-in-labs project done over a period of two semesters.