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Course Structure

Semester 1


English Literature: Chaucer to 19th Century

New Literatures In English

Shakespeare Studies

Course Structure

Semester 2

Literary Theory-I

English Poetry: 19th Century

Indian Literatures In Translation

Elective I

Research Methodology for Language and Literature

Course Structure

Semester 3

Literary Theory-II

English Poetry: 20th Century

Modern English Drama

Elective II

Elective III

Course Structure

Semester 4

Film Studies

European Fiction

Writing From the Margins

Elective IV


Practical course titled ‘Current Affairs and Debate’


Electives (any one stream)


Postcolonial Poetry

Comparative Literature

Indian Literatures in English Translation

Latin American Writingt

Indian Women Novelists in English

Methods of Teaching English Language

Translation Studies

Twentieth Century American Literature

Electives listed above are only indicative. Actual offering will depend on the number of students registering for the courses and availability of faculty. School Administration reserves the right to modif y the subjects / curriculum / detailed syllabus as per the topical needs or changes in trends of the academic stream or industry requirements.