Post Graduate Programme (for Boys & Girls)

M.Sc. (Mathematics) - 2 Years - 4 Semesters


TWO years, FOUR semesters

Graduation in Mathematics or Mathematics as main with an aggregate minimum of 50% excluding language subjects.

Subject to Approval by the Academic council.
Semester 1
Advanced Algebra
Advanced Real Analysis
Ordinary Differential Equations
Stochastic Process
Elective I
Mathematics Lab

Semester 2
Advanced Complex Analysis
Advanced Topology
Partial Differential Equations
Measure Theory
Numerical Analysis
Numerical Computations Lab

Semester 3
Advanced Graph Theory
Functional Analysis
Basic Fluid Dynamics
Elective II
Elective III

Semester 4
Operator Theory
Elective IV
Electives (any ONE STREAM)
Algebra Stream
Algebraic Geometry
Algebraic Topology
Coding Theory
Commutative Algebra
Lie Algebra
Theory of Manifolds
Linear Algebra and its Applications

Statistics Stream
Queuing Theory and Inventory Control Theory
Random Process
Statistical Pattern Classifications
Statistical Quality Control and Six Sigma Quality Analysis
Theory of Sampling and Design of Experiments
Time Series Analysis

Computer Stream
Data Structures and Algorithms
Advanced Graph Theory
Computer Aided Design of VLSI Circuits
Fuzzy Sets and its Applications
Introduction to Soft Computing
Object-Oriented Programming and Python
Analysis Stream
Fixed Point Theory
Harmonic Analysis
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Wavelet Analysis
Mathematical Physics

Fluid Mechanics Stream
Advance Boundary Layer Theory
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Finite Element Methods
Magneto-Hydro Dynamics
Mathematical Foundations of Incompressible Fluid Flow

* One Open Elective course is to be taken by each student, in the third semester, from the list of Open electives offered by the School.

# Students undertaking and registering for a Live-in-Lab project, can be exempted from registering for an Open Elective course in the third semester.

Electives listed above are only indicative. Actual Offering will depend on the number of students registering for the courses and availability of faculty.

School Administration reserves the right to modif y the subjects / curriculum / detailed syllabus as per the topical needs or changes in trends of the academic stream or industry requirements.

* One of the electives can be a Live-inlabs project done over a period of two semesters.