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RESEARCH - the force behind the Academic Excellence

One of the most important driving forces behind the earnest attempt to reach heights of academic brilliance at the institute has been the ongoing research activity.

Ph.D. Programme

Kochi Campus offers Full-Time Ph.D. Programmes in various disciplines. Some of the faculty members are presently working part-time towards gaining their Ph.D. degree. Scholars have contributed papers for the National and International Journals. They used to regularly attend conferences to gain more deeper understanding of their research areas. School strongly believes in the dictum that knowledge grows when shared and encourages faculty members to do so.

Areas of Research (Presently Active)

Department of Computer Science and IT
An adaptive, personalized e-learning support system with nonlinear learning paths for differently-abled with varying
cognitive performances and learning styles
Data mining techniques for agricultural intelligence in soil fertility prediction using digital soil mapping
Semantic social network analysis using machine learning algorithms
Rainfall Prediction Using Fuzzy C-Mean Clustering and Fuzzy Rule-Based Classification
Rainfall Prediction Using An Optimized Genetic- Artificial Neural Network Model
Process Framework for Modeling Multivariate Time Series Data
Preprocessing steps for information visualization in multivariate time series data
Department of Commerce and Management
Optimization of transportation logistics in supply chain system
A study on socio economic background and the impact of strategic leadership styles towards business performance among
tribal’s in promoting agri-business-Kerala
A study on decision making human resource management for ship management
Strategies for optimizing e-waste management with special focus on commercial aspects
A study on the impact of globalization on startup ecosystem
A study on competitive sustainability of Kerala MSME’s towards globalization
A comparative study of green banking practices in selected public and private sector banks in Kerala
Correlation between investor sentiments and behavioral finance : A measure to evaluate the investor bias in the stock market
A study on impact of micro finance institutions in the financial inclusion of rural people with special reference to
Trissur district
A study on quality of work life among women workers in shops and commercial establishments in Kerala
Technology impact on employee management and its effect on organizational behavior and performance with special
reference to Kerala industries
Organizational culture and its impact on job satisfaction among nurses working in selected private hospitals in Cochin City
A study on the impact of QWL towards and innovative work behavior with reference to Cashew Industry, Kollam
A study on management of NPA in priority sector with special reference to public sector banks in India
Efficacy of ‘Quality Circle’ in ISO 9001:2008 certified grama panchayats in Kerala - with special reference to Thrissur
Impact of Statutory Pension in the Life of Pensioners with special reference to KSRTC Employees
Effectiveness of training and development of employee performance among managerial employees with reference to
BSNL Ernakulam
Socio economic condition of handloom weavers: A study with special reference to handloom weavers co-operative
societies in Kannur district
A study on Efficient Fund Utilisation of Grama Panchayats with reference to Thrissur District
Service Quality of Internet Banking A study of selected public and private sector banks in Kerala
Department of Visual Media and Communication
A Study on patterns of motion in epic characters of Indian Animated Feature Films
Entertainment overloading in television channels: a study with special reference to Kerala
Representation of disability in Malayalam Cinema
Animal rights messages conveyed in Animation Feature Films
Department of English and Languages
Power relations in the selected works of William Golding and Aravind Adiga : A comparative study
Rhymes and tales as re-presented ecological metaphors
An English language teaching design for Indian students to achieve skill and proficiency
Identity and home in food narratives: A study of select South Asian writing
The political and the philosophical: An ecological reading of the select poetry of women writers from North East India
Disparity in Animated Characters, with refrence to Elsa, Hiccup, Po
A Psycho Analytic Reading of Ian Mc Wnrn’s Atonment: A Transition from Metanarrative to Postmodern Narrative
Constructions of Feminity and Transgressions of Binaries in The Bride of Amman by Fadi Zaghmout and Cinnamon
by Samar Yazbek
The Ministry of Utmost Happiness in the Frame work of Historographic Metafiction
O.V.Vijayan Beyond Ontological Overtones: Ecoritical Approach to Select Novels of O.V. Vijayan
Hydropolitics in Memory of Water
The Politics of Resistance in Feminist Dystopia: A Study of Charlotte Wood’s The Natural Way of Things
The Underrepresentation of Overweight Characters
Bachaposh System in Nadis Hashmi’s Novels The Pearl That Broke Its Shell and One Half from the East
The Femme Fatale in the novel Gone Girl: Defining the Anti-heroine Amy
Yakshi as Abject : Filmic Representation of Yakshi in Malayalam Film Yakshi
Transition of Female Representation in Sally Morgan’s My Place
Ecocriticism/Ecofeminism in Barbara Kingsoher’s Flight Behaviour
The Absurd Apocalyptic Realities in the Plays of Edward Bond
Women in Select Contemporary Kathakali Performances
Colour in Animation Movies
Department of Mathematics
Product graphs and interconnection networks
Graph labeling
Analysis of a storage system with state dependent admission of customers
Investigation on a storage system with impatience of customers
A revisit to a production inventory system with customer impatience
Total chromatic number of some networks
b-chromatic number of some networks
Department of Cultural Education in India Studies
Sri. Mata Amritanandamayi Devi’s Role in giving the Malayalam Language a Global Presence (Malayalam)
When women characters in Sanskrit Drama started talking in Prakrit – A study(Sanskrit)